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Advice on segmenting website for different types of photography

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
edited February 2016 in business & marketing
Hi Everyone 
After a very long absent , dealing with some heath issues Im back!!!!!! I need a bit of advice, Because I think I might be over thinking this.  
I do both commercial ( Products  etc ) and consumer photography ( weddings etc.. ). I would going  to keep my commercial photography as Matrix photography and Design. But Im thinking of listing  my consumer business using my own name so calling it lou Recine Photography.  I think it would appeal more to wedding and portraits clients. 

My plan is to set up two different websites. One for commercial one for Consumer , but Im wondering if Im causing a bigger headache for self since I now have to split my marketing.
I have to make two different cards etc...

My other plan is to just have a second website for weddings and portraits using Matrixphotoalt.com or ( some thing like that )  just to make it different. 
Then I can send commercial clients one link and wedding clients the other.

What does everyone  think?

Lou Recine
Owner Matrix Photography


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I do think it makes sense to have brides and portrait clients go to a different domain name / business name - Matrix Photography sounds more commercial. 

    Two separate websites would make a lot of sense. 

    Have a look at what I have done over the past few years with my main site neilvn.com - is to have the various categories of photography as distinct layers or levels. I wanted to keep them in segments.

    So once you go to a specific section - weddings / BMs / portraits - you stay on that layers. The menu stays on that specific level, but the logo will bring you back to the top - but few people click on the logo if there is a menu. 

    This way if a Bar Mitzvah mom finds my site through Google, she only sees the BM level. 

    My business name is One Perfect Moment - and I keep that domain now just as my wedding and portrait blog. But the menus between neilvn.com and OPM, are the same. This way people hop between two different domains without even realizing. 

    This way, I could also create a level, and disable the jump back to the main site, if I wanted to do so - just by not having the logo link back to the main site. 

    Have a look - maybe in there there's an idea that might be useful. 

  • Hi Neil Thanks so much for the feed back.
    I like the layered menu idea , that way one website can actually look like  several websites.
    Did you create separate websites or is it one website with different pages?

    Lou Recine 

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    4 Wordpress installations spread over 2 domain names. 

    Tangents is the one installation.  The Forum is another. 
    Then neilvn  takes up another, as well as the OPM blog. 

    So each of those Wordpress installations have a menu ... which is the same. Hence, you can flip between parts of the website without realizing. 
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