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Profoto B1/B2 - Which modifier do you use for portraits & weddings?

Good evening all,

I've finally reached the limitations of my current speedlites. It's amazing how powerful they are but it's equally amazing how quickly you end up on full power and draining batteries quicker than the time it takes to change them. As a result I've decided to invest in the Profoto B1. From Neil's work alone it's not difficult to see why these are such a popular "go to" kit.

Although I have no issue investing in modifiers in various shapes and sizes I just wondered what everyone else is using and if there is one modifier in particular which is used more often than not.

I will be shooting weddings & general portraits. So the light modifier would ideally need to cover two people and a simple umbrella would be used for the groups.

Your thoughts, theories & experience would all be appreciated.




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