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Hi - What is the advantage of converting RAW files to DNG as they are being sucked into LR, instead of leaving them as .cr2 files?

Thanks - Dave


  • DNG is Adobe's digital negative. The only advantage would be if for some time in the future the current CR2 files are not supported.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I don't use DNG at all as a format.  I feel like it is only Adobe and Scott Kelby that pushes DNG. 

    So, in my opinion, there are no advantages to using DNG over working with the RAW file. 
  • Thanks, Neil and Bob.
  • mphmph Member
    Only advantage I think, is if you have an outdated copy of Photoshop/Lightroom and it's the only way to convert the files from your shiny new camera.
    Now - if only somebody would buy me a shiny new camera!  :)
  • one advantage i have found is that after you make all your adjustments in LR you can save to changes into the DNG files by Cntl-S. these files can then be given to someone and they can see the changes. no sidecar files needed. and the files can be imported into anothers LR catalog and still see the changes without importing a catalog, just the files.
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