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Balancing Editing and Shooting , Office work , Etc Etc ......

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
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Hi Everyone , I have a question about balancing  Shooting-Editing time , Office Emails Etc Etc 

Im looking for some advice here , I find that if Im shooting I can't be editing and vice a versa.
So Im not quite sure how to handle client expectations that everything will be done in a couple of days .

I wonder how some of you do it , keeping Family , Web , Office Paper work , Shooting , Editing , all balance  , not dropping  the ball ,

 I tried  not sleeping  but that  didn't work out to well .

Lou Recine 


  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Lou - I have a full-time job, photography is a part-time business, but probably at this point I get 3-4 non-wedding events (with a headshot session once in a while as well) per month. In my contract, I have that the full set of photos will be delivered within 5 business days. In this age of "smartphone-to-social media", I started getting requests from companies for 24-hour turnaround. For me, that was pretty impossible. So I added to my contract that for an extra charge - which is roughly half my hourly rate - I would deliver a small subset (12-24) of photos within 24 hours. Those photos would be included in the final full set.

    I am retiring from full-time work at the end of this month, but I have no plans to change my contract. What will like happen is people will likely get their photos a little earlier than 5 business days. I do plan to advertise a bit more, to try and get to 4-6 events (including headshot sessions) when I'm free from the constraints of full-time work.

    If you are a wedding photographer, the only thing I can say from the experience of having two daughters get married is that the photo previews were not ready for weeks, and delivered some time after that. And I think that's probably typical (?).

    Not sure if any of this helps, but that's my experience.

  • MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
    edited July 2018
    Hi Dave
    Actually that was a big help , Your correct I should have a contract in place before  I do a job.
    Stating my deliverables times etc...

    Now I won't feel guilty about getting some sleep ( Ha Ha )

    Lou Recine
  • MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
    edited July 2018
    Im just starting doing commercial and event Video, does anyone out there have an Idea what the average turn around time is for Video Production??

    Lou Recine
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    This is a real challenge ... just when you feel you could expand and do more work, your marketing etc comes to a grinding halt as you spend time editing your photos, and just doing the usual office work. 

    I have no real advice though. I can just commiserate about the lack of sleep and the pressure. 
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