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Marketing, getting your name out there

ikkoikko Member
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How do you guys market your business, find news clients and basically get your name out there.
I advertise on a wedding wesbite which brings me 80% of my wedding business, the rest being word of mouth. But my portrait business is at stand still, my own fault as i don't have a marketing startegy for it. What would you suggest? Any help is welcome. Thank you.


  • Well, I don't have any advice, but I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.

    There are so many different strategies that it's hard to know where to start off.

  • Craigslist, Google Ad Words, word of mouth, and the Knot

    Joshua Westbrook
    Pixelus Photography
  • ikko, which wedding website do you use?
  • I use my websites, facebook, word of mouth and networking, along with a few wedding sites
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    cakencamera said: I use my websites, facebook, word of mouth and networking, along with a few wedding sites
    ^^^ all of these.

    It's a constant chipping away at it. There's really no one specific thing that will be the breakthrough.

    Of all the ways of getting business, word of mouth is the best.
  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited August 2013
    I attended a webinar put on by facebook for photographers. You basically have about 1 second to capture your audience. You need to make it exciting want to make people click on something. Here are a few screen shots.





  • I would like to know what wedding web sites have generated leads/bookings for any of you. I have tried 2 and do not like them....Snapknot is the only one that has brought me leads but no bookings and Wedding.com is a 100% miss...

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited August 2013
    I am on some generic wedding websites, with my own personal one also, and I find 99% of my bookings come via word of mouth [now can boast I have shot several sets of sisters over the course of the last 5 years] and from my personal website.

    I have had success in bridal shows/expos, which does help but word of mouth/recommendations to friends, etc. is the key success.
  • Yes..word of mouth does matter. We are moving (as some know) to Ohio in a few days and I am looking to make photography a larger source of income since nothing else is working out for me there job wise.....and I do love photography even if it is not even closely related to my education background...

  • There was a time were I was focussing ALL my energy into Facebook because at the time it was the ONLY thing that worked for me. Since spending a lot of time using SEO trying to get my website in order I have found a big increase of customers contacting me through that. Referrals come after a while and I have had quite a few from past customers which is a nice ego boost too. Its best not to have all your eggs in one basket, so don't rely on just the one thing, even if it works, as it might not work forever and when it stops your screwed. So, the main thing to have is a website, that's a must so as to show off your best work, Facebook works as long as you use it right, then sure you can pay to advertise on other wedding websites, some work, some don't. What I have found though, is not to waste money on advertising in papers and magazines, well it hasn't worked for me anyway, I think if one is constantly advertising in the same paper or magazine week in week out then yes, but that's going to be pricey. Networking is a funny one, I have done a bit, and I think its good in the sense its good to mix with people in the same industry. Wedding fayres/Bridal shows haven't worked for me (maybe Im doing it wrong) but I know does work for others, I guess if it didn't work then there wouldn't be any! I also leave brochures and business cards at every hotel within say a 20 mile radius. I know some photographers leave albums, but I think that's not just extremely expensive but rather silly, the couple viewing, well that's all they do, they look at them all and think yes they're really nice, but they don't take anything away with them, where as my brochures have all my details, some images, prices, and they can take one home with them. Again, when shooting a wedding I leave cards and brochures on tables.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    travelintrevor said: I would like to know what wedding web sites have generated leads/bookings for any of you.
    When I started, I shot-gunned them all. I tried them all. If I could find them with a Google search for various key searches, I tried them.

    None of them returned anything for the money I poured into them. The Knot must be the worst of all the listing sites for this.

    The only listing site I still use, is Wedding Wire, and I do get a few enquiries from them.

  • Thanks Neil,

    I am pretty much having the same experience. Just seems like some folks have huge success at these sites...one guy had 75 reviews and booking just from The Knot (he was good and not cheap) As mentioned, snapknot.com seems legitimate but right now it is just too expensive for me...and wedding.com....oh, stay away! I have sent out 60+ emails and received one reply-a no thank you email. Best part is, I do not even see the expected hits on my sites so these "potential " clients are not even clicking on the links to my portfolio. 100% waste of time and $. If the clients/profiles are even real.

    Right now things are very bad and the outlook is bleak. We are in a new town with a ton of people and only so many ways to reach them. In one week, I already handed out tons of cards, struck up conversations with strangers to plug my business, working with the management of the community I am living in and offering discounts to residents, offering "free" family sessions as volunteer time at my kids school to get my name out there, partnering with local photography clubs, etc.

    In the end, I already know what comes next but I am not 100% there yet. Photography won't work out for me because I am just another small fish in a big pond...but I won't stop anytime soon. Had too much fun back in the film days (started in 1989) and am loving digital...


  • I think the trouble with wedding websites such as the The knot and snapknot is the fact that Brides are on there constantly and are in their own little group of brides wanting the best for as little as possible.
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