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Neil's Workshops are a MUST for every photographer

amythntramythntr Member
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Neil...having just returned from your workshop in NY on Monday...I must say I had at least two or three "ah ha" moments.

Your passion in making sure each participant "gets it" just oozes from your very being. It is amazing how much effort that you put into these hands-on workshops. From your caring, simplistic, information packed approach, to the latest in technology (Nikon/Canon FLEX5's and AC3 controllers) for everyone to use, to video light, to Jessica (she really was the glue who held this together) to two wonderful, hardworking, professional models in Anelisa and Aleona. There is absolutely not one thing I can say bad about these workshops....in fact, as Tony the Tiger says, "THEY'RE GREAT!"

This was my second workshop with this one being even better than the first!

No matter how experienced you are as a photographer or how much you think that you know this will be the best $600 you will spend this year...Neil will allow you to become better....trust me! We started at 9:00AM and the smoke didn't clear until 8:15PM...The day just went so fast!

Finally, if you do not have Neil's two books "On Camera Flash" and Off Camera Flash" they are a must and once you have them and you have gone to his workshop you will feel like you have Neil along side of you as you read and make images!

Thanks again Neil and the Crew for a wonderful workshop,



  • JessBJessB Member
    edited May 2011
    Anthony - so nice to hear your comments and how great the experience was for you! It's good to know that after all the activity & hard work that happens throughout the day that you left feeling more confident in your abilities than you did when you arrived. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
  • Hi Anthony
    I couldn't not agree more, I just did a one to one Torturing session on the weekend with Neil, Jessica, Anelisa. ( The coolest people you ever want to meet ).

    I came back a much different photographer, one with a greater understanding not only of Flash Photography but How to create an image.

    99 % of Books/Blogs/ Seminars are, copy me and you can do what I do type.
    Never explaining the " Why"

    Niel's Teaching difference is that gives you the " Why "

    Thats why you have so many "ah ha" moment in his course.

    I could have easily saved Hundreds of Dollars on Diffusers , Brackets , Cables , Books , DVDs etc had I read is book and taken the course 3 years ago.

    "Any one looking for a used but well cared for Fong, Dong "

    Lou Recine
    Matrix Photography and Design

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Anthony and Lou .. thank you very much for the kind words!
    It's always heartening to hear that the workshops made a difference to your photography.
  • amythntramythntr Member
    edited June 2011
    I Amen that Lou....I cut up my Fong Dong...never to be used again....DO NOT...I repeat....DO NOT waste your money on a Gary Fong tupperware piece of &%$!...put it toward Neil's workshop.....anyone looking for a RRS wedding bracket?.....another waste of money.....when will I learn.....LOL.....Anthony
  • The one-on-one workshops are of great value and affordable (compared to many other photographers who charge a lot more and cover a lot less).
  • Don't feel bad anthony..........

    I have Purchased

    On Line Tutorials

    Etc, Etc

    All collecting dust in my basement:

    However there is one thing I miss about my Strap-on Fong Dong ,
    It use to pop off my flash at the most quietest moments, making me the centre of attention " I miss that" , " Not" !!!!!!!!

    Lou Recine
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