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  • I don't have the f/2.8 optic, but I have the f/4E lens ... and it is very handholdable! It is only 6" long and it is light. And it takes a 77mm filter. 
  • Regarding your question about the Inverse Square Law ... it works in your favor when you bounce flash behind you. Check out this article for the full explanation: Bounce flash photography & The Inverse Square Law
  • There are two kinds of scenarios ... where I quickly need to switch between the cameras. Then I have a flash on each camera.  Other times of the shoot, I only rarely need the longer lens during the shoot.  Then I swap out the flash as is necessary -…
  • With two cameras on it, I tend to only have a flash on one of the bodies - the main one I am using ... which is usually the D5 with the 24-70mm. This way the heavy 70-200mm and cameras don't have a flash on it while it swings from my side. 
  • With bounce flash, the Guide Number loses much of its relevance. The GN is based on the quantity of light being known, and the distance being known. When you bounce the flash, the distance is unknowable by the flash, and you also lose light when it …
  • The manual flash would give you more consistency, if you bounced in a consistent way without the camera moving much.  TTL would still be faster to get the initial exposure correct. 
  • Hi there Chris  With the B1 you can only set all the flashes to TLL, or all of them to manual. You can't set the different flashes to be slaved as a combination of TTL and manual (a la Nikon, and the Canon 600EX)
  • When you use a speedlight on the camera as the master, you have to use that flash's menu to set everything up.  At the moment you are looking at the pop-up flash as the controller. 
  • Bare bulb ... as in the bulb is bare, i.e. direct?Or do you mean the bare bulb in a softbox?  (For then it isn't bare bulb anymore.) Anyway, what you need is a stronger light source than a speedlight, and a larger light source than a 24x24 inch soft…
  • This has to do with your background being more reflective than a matte surface would be. The only way around this is to spread your light source more evenly, and make it even bigger.  Ultimately, I doubt your clients would notice, so it wouldn't be …
  • Here are instructions on how to make your own Eyelighter:   http://www.tammyhowellblog.com/photography-tips/diy-eyelighter-make-your-own-curved-reflector/
  • Go for Photoshop CC ... it is $10 a month. 
  • btw ... I just posted this article:   Headshot photography lighting on location
  • Drop it in from another image which was properly lit?
  • The idea with a clear dome is based on the idea of an omnidirectional light source inside. Some light is obviously thrown forward, but the rest of the light bounces around the room from every side.  I have tried it when I still used the Q-flash, but…
  • Agreed on the suggestion to have another person there to concentrate on shooting video, if only to man the camera. 
  • Or alternately, buy another used L358 off the Fred Miranda Forums? I see them on there every so often. Low cost investment in a light meter you already know. 
  • Photographing 70 people bowling? To be sure to get a shot of everyone, you'd have to work systematically with a team of photographers - unless they are more interested in just snaps of the event to remember it by?  I would most likely attempt this w…
  • Remember when pricing headshots, to include the time it will take you to retouch the files. 
  • Jim .... how did the event go? When you are dealing with a dark venue where you can't bounce flash, it is the most common solution to have off-camera flashes in the corners, or somewhere behind the subjects you are photographing, to at least give so…
  • For the latter part of the wedding, outdoors at night, it looks like just an on-camera flash with a slow shutter speed.  With the indoor reception at the start, it looks like one other assistant holding up an off-camera flash ...  AND / OR ...  s…
  • Next step ... check that your AF assist actually works. Also make sure  you weren't in servo mode - that disables the flash's AF assist beam.
  • Still sounds like a win to me, even if they control the options. 
  • I often have to explain to clients that while I retain copyright, I include in the contract that they have Print Release (or similar).  If your potential client gets sticky about this ... is it worth the hassle vs the money you'll make?  Do you need…
  • You did fine there with the flash. Not every situation warrants the 'big production' of off- camera flash.  I often use direct on-camera fill-flash like this ... when I just want a touch of fill-flash.  Here are the two extremes:On-camera TTL fill-f…

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