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  • The scale of brightness for the LCD is not actually the brightness of the back lighting, it's for the contrast of the display..ie letters, numbers etc. Whatever brightness level you see on the LCD is the maximum brightness you can go..no more no les…
  • You can program your master flash to fire your slave flash to manual or ttl modes. In manual mode, you have to set your flash values (1/64, 1/32 and so on) from your master flash for each individual slave, then you can either meter your slave flash …
  • Thanks for all your feedbacks..sorry that I got side tracked and was not able to thank you all early.
  • Thanks Lou! I did not give my client anything yet...didn't even see a single out of focused underexposed photo lol. Yeah, that Christmas money would be super nice.
  • So far we never had a problem telling people not to take pictures during the formals. We explain to them the reason why and they gladly conform. We had one occasion where we told one of the guest that he is not allowed to take pictures, and he sai…

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