Long-term Time-Lapse Photography NJ NYC

Long term Time-Lapse Photography  (NJ / NYC)

To show the unfolding of a project, or progress on a building site – events which take weeks, or months or even years – it becomes necessary to compress the timescale. With long term time-lapse photograph we can get a much quicker visual overview of how the project developed.

The photo at the top shows a camera installed at a project. The camera is protected inside that white dome – a weather-proofed housing. Since long-term time-lapse really is that – long-term – the camera and timing device need to be powered by a solar panel, which can be seen to the left of the camera housing. This is all mounted sturdily in a good vantage point.

This is a new addition to the photography services that I offer.
Contact me, and we can discuss your project and we can see how we can make it work.




The initial stage to a massive renovation project at PNCT, involved the demolition of old warehouses. This part of the project took 2.5 weeks, and this 45 second clip shows the continuous momentum of the demolition taking place, sunshine or rain.



PNCT during the Jan 2016 blizzard.
The blizzard occurred on Saturday, Jan 23. I pulled 6 days of footage around the blizzard to show the the day before the blizzard, (Jan 22) as well as the days afterward while the area was being cleaned up. Then, back to business as usual.


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