the Rough Guide to Tangents, the website

The Tangents blog originally started out as my personal site – planetneil – but eventually morphed into this website which contains numerous web articles on the subject of photography. Hence the name Tangents, allowing myself the freedom to write about anything I want to.

The main site is the Tangents blog itself, which is a series of somewhat unconnected articles on photography. Currently, it is a labyrinth of over 900 articles! There is a lot to explore.

Below is a rough guide to what-is-where.

Neil van Niekerk


navigating the Tangents site:

The front page of Tangents contains the latest 10 blog posts, with navigation at the bottom of the page to older blog posts. Each successive page of 10 blog posts then too has links to older or newer blog posts.

The Menu at the top is the main navigation to other sections of the Tangents section of my website,

  • starting with the Tangents forum with discussions on photography. In the Forum anyone is free to ask questions and also answer questions, and post images.
  • The menu also links to info about my workshops and seminars.
  • The Store has various goodies for sale, including video tutorials.

On the right-hand side here, you will find:

  • An affiliate link to Amazon – you can help support this site by buying stuff from Amazon through that link.
  • then there is a link to sign up for the Tangents newsletter;
  • Then two important methods of finding your way around:
    the search bar, and a listing of the articles by Category.
  • a list of the gear I shoot with and gear I would recommend
  • below the big blue block with the list of most recently commented posts, you will find

And all this will set you well on your way to delve deeper into this site.


elsewhere on this site:

Tangents is only a part of my main website though. The main site also shows my wedding photography and the blog showing the most recent weddings and portrait sessions. And if anyone is curious, my bio.

There are also links from my main website to the various other levels on this site, including studio rental, and personal projects. I know, I know, I sometimes get lost myself.


keeping in touch:

If you’d like to stay informed about new articles on Tangents, then you could subscribe to the monthly newsletter, or you could subscribe to the RSS feed. Or just have a regular look-in, since there is always something new.


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