attaching the Nikon neck strap vertically

comfortably attaching the Nikon camera strap vertically

Something I really like about the Canon D-SLRs, even though it seems a small point, is that they have lugs for the camera strap at the bottom of the camera.  This allows you to hang your camera in a vertical position off your shoulder.  This image showing the Canon 1D mk III, should make it clear.

I find this much more comfortable than having the strap attached to the two lugs at the top of the camera.  With the strap attached to the grip’s side, the strap doesn’t fall over the eyepiece or is in the way when you swing your camera to your eye. I also find it more comfortable to tuck the camera and lens like this under my elbow, than if the strap was attached in the usual way.

The Nikon D-SLRs don’t have this though.  They only have the camera strap lugs at the top, and I missed that simple little feature on my Nikon D700 and D3.  But then someone pointed me to the Camdapter Hand Strap system.

With the Camdapter attached to the bottom of the camera, I’m now able to dangle my Nikon camera from a vertical position as well.  I don’t use the Camdapter for the hand strap, but simply for attaching the one end of the camera strap the bottom of the camera.  (Still no model, just the camera.)

It’s a simple solution, and the attachment is very solid.  (The skew angle at which I attached it, is on purpose.)  Not only is it more comfortable for me to attach the camera strap this way,  I also find it easier to reach for my camera when it hangs like this from my shoulder, when the grip is open like this to my hand.

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  1. 2Robin Haas says

    When I read your post I thought, “Hmm, I don’t think Neil has heard of the Black Rapid Strap.” Then I scroll down and see that Jakob beat me to the punch. I have been using the Black rapid Strap for several months and find that it is far superior to any strap I have used in the past. It stays out of your way while shooting, is very comfortable to wear for long periods, and makes it very easy to quicly get your camera into position to grab a quick shot.

  2. 3Harry Simpson says

    Early morning inspiration! I’d used my Canon’s lug on the vert grip for the hand strap but never thought about using it for the neck strap….Much much better!!. My wife shoots a Nikon D300 with vert grip and she did purchase the lug you mentioned so she could attach her hand grip strap. Thanks for the tip.


  3. 4 says

    As far as I can make out, the Black Rapid Strap fits via a lug on the bottom of the camera. What makes the Camdapter better for me is that it is off-center – meaning the strap attaches closer to the handgrip than the tripod bush. Ideally I would want the camera strap to be connected to the bottom edge of the camera, but this is as close as any device allows me to now.

  4. 5 says

    This is brilliant! I have a quick release on the bottom of my camera for a tripod but I should be able to add a carabiner to one end of the strap and attach it to the D-ring. It won’t be offset but I can get the damn strap out of my eyepiece and still attach to a tripod when I need to.

  5. 6James says


    This is a great feature built into the cameras body design, just one more point that canon truly is thinking about the overall end product and the end user. For a while I had my camera in that orientation, but soon changed back mostly just due to the way I shoot.

    However, when you buy a battery grip for the xxD or 5D model camera the grip has this option as well. I also had my 5D with the grip in this format until i realized something….when I wanted to quickly pop the battery grip off to lighten the camera and pack it away into a smaller bag, I had to un-thread and re-thread the strap each time…and, I put black electrical tape on mine so the ends cannot unravel…talk about a pain, so once again i quickly switched back to the original top threaded design.

  6. 7ButchM says

    Have to say I love the Black Rapid strap. I use it for weddings, sports, etc. Best action strap I have ever used …. whether attached to the body or a longer lens, the camera is always at the ready.

  7. 8Dennis says

    Hi Neil,

    I noticed this in one of the photos of you in your previous post. I tried it out during a recent wedding shoot and all I can say is that it is a very practical idea. Now, I have both of my 30Ds strapped this way. Thanks!

  8. 9Freddy Hurkmans says

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the tip! I am always annoyed with the camera strap hanging in the wrong place so I am definetely going to try that.

    Instead of the Camdapter you can also try the various Markins or Kirk tripod quickrelease plates, they also have the strap connection but are a Kirk complatible tripod quickrelease plate as well. Of course, if you never use a tripod that isn’t an issue, but if you do it’s quite nice :)


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  9. 11 says

    Hello Neil,
    I also prefer having my camera not attached with the two lugs at the top…. but I attached both end of the neck strap to a single lug, the camera is slightly tilted on my stomach, but it allows a quick grip as all the attachment are done through a single point.

    Anyway, I did not know about the other hand strap solution and will give it a look. :)

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