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Top 10 Must-Read Blogs for Photographers 2013 from The Modern Tog

Tangents rated (very nearly) one of the best photography blogs!

Okay, I sound a little cheeky there with the title, but honestly, it really is an honour to have Tangents noticed and rated highly by other photographers. Especially when they run their own very visible and successful blogs, like Jamie’s The Modern Tog. Lots of good business advice on her site. Check out the link for the other superb photography blogs.


Master with the Guild Of Photographers

Wedding Wired award 2011

What a wonderful note to arrive in my mailbox this morning, inviting me to accept the title of ‘Master’ with the Guild of Photographers in the UK. Steve Thirsk, Director of the Guild of Photographers, informed me that I will be only the third person offered the title .. and the first ‘across the pond’.

It is indeed a huge honour to be accorded such an accolade, and be keeping such esteemed company!


I’m in the top 5% of top wedding photographers in New Jersey!

Wedding Wired award 2011

It’s quite thrilling to hear that I won the Bride’s Choice Awards 2011 from WeddingWire! This is the 2nd year in a row. This means I’m in the top 5 percent of Wedding Professionals nationwide. Well, actually, it means I am in the Top 5 percent of wedding photographers in New Jersey. But being a percentage, it still holds true for nation-wide.

Working as a wedding photographer has its own reward in how clients appreciate the photography. Even then, it’s a great pleasure to be recognized like this.

Swinging cameras around on the wedding day is pretty cool, but the hours and hours spent in the office in front of the computer … I’ll take this award as recognition of that as well. ; )