July 8, 2013


Looking up in this hotel courtyard,  this symmetrical pattern was revealed. But it was only when I rotated the image on my iPhone, that it became a touch more surreal. Up became forward. Forward is up.

I still enjoy Instagram for it’s immediacy. I also like the challenge of coming up with interesting images even with the obvious limitation of shooting with a camera phone.

So if you use Instagram, you’re welcome to follow me at neilvn. I don’t post photos of my lunch or my coffee. Well, I did post that one photo of my lunch a while back, but it was really interesting.


available light photography: direction of light / posing into the light

A topic that I’ve given more and more attention to here on Tangents, is available light photography - but specifically the concept that it isn’t just a random way of taking photos, but that consideration has to be given to the direction of light. When you work with someone you want to take a portrait of, it is crucial that you pose someone in flattering light. This often means posing someone into the light, with the one shoulder toward the direction of light. This idea works for even the simplest of cameras.

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my InstaCanvas gallery

May 19, 2012


An interesting progression for Instagram users, and one that will make all Instagram junkies happy – you can now sell your Instagram photos, and browse and discover other artists photographers, via Instacanvas. And I’m happy to announce that my gallery is live now.

As mentioned on their site, photos are printed on museum-quality canvas with a 1.5 inch-thick frame, and come ready-to-hang. You can print your own photos too, or browse galleries of other Instagram users on Instacanvas. Coolness!