Sarah Raley

photo session with model New York

photo session in New York – model: Sarah R

I have already showed part of the photo session with Sarah Raley, in the article, vintage photo session w/ off-camera flash. It was part of a longer on-location photo session in New York. With four changes of clothing, we aimed for a diverse look during the photo session. I’d like to share some of them here, along with some of the lighting techniques, and post-processing.

Most of the photos were taken with the Canon 5D mark II, and two zooms:
the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II (vendor), and the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II (vendor).

The lighting in nearly all images were with a Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite (vendor), in a Lastolite EZYBOX 24×24″ softbox (vendor), held up on a monopod by my assistant for the day. I controlled the Canon 600EX-RT with the  Canon ST-E3 Speedlite Transmitter (vendor) on my camera. The built-in radio capability of the superb Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite (vendor), really made it all so much easier. Check out my review of the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT.

With the 15 main images selected to show here, I wanted to show some of the thought-process during the shoot, as well as the influence post-processing has on the final result.

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New York photo session with Sarah & Mark – off-camera flash

Sarah and Mark were in New York, dressed to the nines, to attend the Rockettes show. And while they were dressed up, and with some time before the show they were attending, we did a photo session. You might remember them as the couple in my book, off-camera flash. I’ve also photographed Sarah on other occasions. I thought that the New York skyline at dusk would work as a perfect backdrop to how stylish they were dressed. (I did ask Mark if he felt like James Bond, all suited up like that in his tux.)

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off-camera flash for a photo session with a Vintage look

Anyone who regularly follows the Tangents blog or has my 2nd book, off-camera flash photography, might recognize Sarah. When she told me she was visiting New York, I made sure that I squeezed in a photo session with her in my schedule. The weather on the day was grey and drizzly … enough reason to juice it up with some off-camera flash. And then play with the images in post-processing a bit …

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what you see …

March 17, 2010

… is not necessarily quite what was there in the original scene.

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New York photo session – Sarah & Mark

I have already posted several images from the extended photo session with Sarah and Mark – but here is the epic video.   The intention with these photo sessions was to expand Sarah’s portfolio as much as we could.

We started off at Coney Island, doing a session with Sarah and Mark at the edge of the beach with Sarah in swimwear .. and from there it went into more of a lifestyle shoot with the two of them on the boardwalk.  Later on we had Sarah run towards the camera in sportswear.  But we rained out with a massive thunderstorm rolling in over New York.  We picked up the photo session again in Battery Park.  Much of this session and onwards weren’t caught on video since the-other-Neil, who assisted me, had to stay with the van and drive around looking for parking while we continued with the shoot.  There is a short section though, showing some of the Battery Park session.  From there we moved up to Times Square to photograph a very glamorous looking Sarah in evening wear in Times Square.

Hopefully all of this will be a great view of the approach during a photo session, and how there is no single static way of doing things.  Various techniques are used; the lighting too is varied; all to give a wide range to the look of the final images ..

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the progression of an idea during a photo shoot; incl the use of off camera flash

Because of the positive comments I’ve had to the recent addition of video clips that show a glimpse of how I work, I thought I’d show the progression of an idea.  Not just how the actual image was made, but how the idea progressed.

The photo above of Sarah and Mark at Coney Island, is from the day-long photo session where we went to different locations in New York.  Where this image above started, was in a previous sequence ..

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flash photography: overpowering the sun with flash

The sunlight on Coney Island was pretty harsh during this photo session with Sarah and Mark, and I needed to / wanted to clean up the sun’s harsh shadows with flash.

Since the Sunny 16 rule has it that broad daylight is in the order of 1/250th @ f11 @ 100 ISO … you’d either have to shoot with a bare speedlight, (which, as a small light source, will cause hard shadows) .. or use a much more powerful strobe with a softbox.

For this image I used the Profoto AcuteB 600R lighting kit (B&H) with 2×3 Profoto softbox off to my right, adding flash at full power.  I placed the softbox and flash to come in from the same direction as the sunlight, adding as much light as the sun.  The intention is to clean up the shadows caused by the sunlight, and because I am then under-exposing the background by a stop ..  thereby also saturating the sky.
settings: 1/250th @ 160 ISO @ f22

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