promotion – Jennifer Rozenbaum’s lingerie guide for boudoir photographers

Jennifer Rozenbaum has released an 80-page guide teaching boudoir photographers about lingerie, accessories, tips and tricks to help them relate to their clients better. In addition it includes a 6 page cheat sheet that the photographers can customize with their own logos and images to present to their clients. It also includes a customizable check list for client use.

First, you learn about all different types of lingerie. You’ll learn the difference between a bustier and a corset. Which type of bra is best for flattering your client. The difference between the different thigh high styles. Then, you will read about tips and tricks. What do I keep in my studio in case of emergency? What kind of shoes are my favorite? Etc…

As a bonus – when you order you will get a customizable cheat sheet to present your clients to help THEM pick what is best for their shoot. Just add your logo and images and BAM! Better boudoir sessions for everyone!

The PDF is 80 pages. The Cheat Sheet is 6 pages and I also included a bonus packing list, customizable for your clients.

This package sells for $49, but there is a 10% discount for Tangents followers via this link.


Backblaze – online backup system for your data

Backblaze is part of my back-up system which I use to ensure that data loss just isn’t going to happen. For me, it isn’t the only thing I rely on sure my data is safe.  There are a number of things I have in place for my overall workflow to make sure I don’t sadly cry when a hard drive dies on me.

I’ve posted a few times now about back-up plans for disaster …

… and Backblaze is an important part of this. And if you don’t have Backblaze, you should most definitely have something similar in place. The monthly cost is so low that it’s just plain willful stupidity to not have an online back-up system in place, and risk data loss.

Now, while I am a fan of Backblaze, there is a definite measure of self-interest in mentioning all this again now. They currently have a refer-a-friend promotion in place. If you click on this link – Backblaze – and sign up, you get a month free, and I get a month free too. I’d like that. And I am quite sure you’d also like the peace of mind knowing that your data is safer than it has ever been. Check it out … and make us both happy.


promotion: Dream Strap

November 11, 2013

Dream Strap – comfy sheep-skin lined camera straps

Dream Straps are sheepskin-lined camera straps that are super-comfy. Just as importantly, is that they are strong, finely crafted, easy to attach and adjustable from 34-58 inches. All the good stuff we expect from camera straps.

Sheepskin fibers provide breathable, luxurious comfort that synthetic materials just can’t match. Weight on your shoulders or neck are eliminated because the weight is more evenly distributed due to the dense for and the width of the strap.

Learn more inside…


online video class: portraits with on-camera speedlight

There have been many requests for a video tutorial series or a kind of online workshop of the articles on the Tangents website. Working in conjunction with Craftsy – a company that produces professional looking online video tutorials on a number of topics – we created two video classes.

The first class is Portraits with On-Camera Speedlight, and has just been completed and is available! The follow-up class is Off-Camera Flash Photography, and is a natural extension of this class.

As the instructor, I’m able to offer a big discount for everyone via these links.

The online classroom has a platform where anyone who is subscribed can ask questions. So it is an interactive method, and not just a static video-only class. There is also no time limit on this, so you can watch it anywhere, any time.

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Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home

Udi Tirosh, who maintains the DIY Photography website, has released an ebook. It is a collection of DIY tutorials designed to help build a studio at home. The book features a wide collection of DIY projects: some simple projects like snoots and gridspots; but also some more complex projects like big softboxes and continuous lighting systems. And it is a great addition to the free stuff on DIYP’s lighting section.

In the 115 pages of this book, there are 23 Home Studio Projects. It walks you through the relevant projects for building all the modifiers needed for a studio. Shows how to build cheap, yet fully functional versions of expensive lighting modifiers. Detailed step by step tutorials, with images and diagrams to illustrate the build process of each project.

To order this ebook, click on the graphic above.

Here is a screengrab to give you an idea of what you can expect with this book:

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