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November 11, 2014

photography workshops for 2015

The group photography workshops are full-day events – and are a mixture of seminar presentation and practical shooting. The workshops will be held at my studio space in NJ. There is free parking, and it is easily reached from the main highways in the area. There is also regular bus transport from NYC. (We can fetch you from the bus terminal.)

The fee for the full-day workshop is $600 and the workshop is from 9am to 8pm. Lunch and refreshments are included!

The workshops are now limited to 6 people – and working within my own studio with more equipment readily at hand, gave the workshop a relaxed tempo. The material is always streamlined a little bit more, from workshop to workshop.

More info about the photography workshops.

The three workshops for 2015 will take place on:

  • May 17, 2015  (Sunday)
  • July 19, 2015  (Sunday)
  • Sept 20, 2015  (Sunday)

Book a spot at one of the workshops.  Each class will be limited to 6 people.

If you would like an individual workshop, or a personal tutoring session, those are available as well throughout the year, depending on both of our schedules. The studio is only 17 miles from Manhattan. Just a short hop from New York and quite accessible by bus. Oh, and there’s parking at the studio. Free parking.

If you are limited in how far you can travel, there are Skype sessions and also video tutorials to help you get a much better understanding of photography and lighting techniques.


update: new gear for flash photography workshop

The material covered, and the gear used in the on-location flash photography workshops, are constantly being fine-tuned and adapted with each workshop. With the first workshops (around 2006) centered around bounce flash photography. Over time the workshops expanded from that fairly simple premise, into what is a more comprehensive on-location lighting course.

The past two years there has been a surge in the various brands and types of flash. For example, Canon used to be just the 580 speedlights and wireless system. There’s now the 600EX speedlights with built-in radio transmitters as well. Phottix and Yongnou have become strong contenders in the field of flash photography with their speedlights and wireless systems.

When the workshops were presented across the country and in New York, there was a restriction – I had to travel light, and had to pare down on the gear I could bring. This meant that for the off-camera flash portion of the workshop, I could most easily help the Nikon and Canon shooters, and use their respective wireless control via RadioPoppers.

Now that the workshops are presented at my studio in New Jersey, and with a smaller class, I could make the big step and see if I could accommodate everyone at every workshop, regardless of system. With two models, it does mean doubling up on speedlights and systems. So I had a look around for soft boxes that would allow two speedlights … and still allow access to the speedlight controls from outside.

The Profoto RFi Speedring for dual speedlights (vendor), looked like the best candidate – rugged (which means it is heavy), and it easily allows two speedlights. The two speedlights could be of different size and use different radio systems. I purchased two of these Profoto RFi Speedrings for dual speedlights (vendor), and two of these medium-sized Profoto 1.3′ x 2′ softbox (vendor). This means that with the flash photography workshops, we can accommodate up to 4 different flash systems simultaneously!

We can now more easily help photographers who prefer hardcore strobist manual-only flash, or Phottix or Yongnuo, or either of the two Canon options or Nikon, or Sony, or Pentax. Alternately, we can double up, or have a Nikon and Canon speedlight in each of the two soft boxes. More flexibility.

So if you’ve been considering attending a workshop, but don’t use Nikon or Canon speedlights, we can now easily help you with whatever challenges you have with off-camera flash photography.


off-camera flash / speed light – overpowering the sun – what are my settings?

Teaching a class on using off-camera flash at the After Dark photography convention, I took a group of attendees outside on the street with two models. Then I stepped them through the thought-process in how to get to your basic, fail-safe, works-everytime camera settings and flash settings.

Regular visitors to the Tangents blog and those who have read my books on flash photography, should know the algorithm off by heart. There’s a specific thought-process that will get you to your basic camera & flash settings when working in bright sunlight, where you have to overpower the sun with a single speed light.

Instead of re-treading this ground myself, and re-stating everything, I thought it would be good to have everyone work through this themselves. It’s a good check to see if you’re familiar with what you need to do. There’s a very specific series of decisions you make that gets you to where you need to be with your camera and flash setting – and then you can concentrate on composition and everything else that is important in taking a photograph.  The camera settings choice should be second nature and should take you a few seconds.

So here’s the challenge – call it homework if you will:
– what are my (typical) camera & flash settings for the photograph at the top?
– how did I arrive at these settings?

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workshop: wedding photography – posing the bride & groom

Sunday, Oct 20, 2013
10am – 2pm

This workshop is hosted by Unique Photo – more details & to book a spot.
The class will be limited to 15 people.

There’s real pressure on a wedding day to capture beautiful romantic portraits to show the couple at their best. You have to work fast and efficiently, and make the bride and groom look good! Combine great poses with off-camera flash, and you’re guaranteed to get great results.

With this hands-on practical workshop, you will not only be shown the poses that work, and how to adapt poses – you will get to work with the models (as bride and groom), and pose them yourself so you can learn. We will also work with off-camera lighting as part of creating dynamic images that your clients will love.

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online video class: off-camera flash photography

The second video tutorial series in conjunction with Craftsy, is on the topic of: Off-Camera Flash Photography.  Craftsy is a company that produces professional looking online video tutorials, and with their help, we created what is a kind of online workshop. The first class is Portraits with On-Camera Speedlight, and has received great feedback from those who enrolled. This follow-up class is about using Off-Camera Flash and is now available.

The fee for the Off-Camera Flash Photography class is $59.99 but as the instructor, I’m able to offer a 10% discount for everyone who follows Tangents.

The online classroom has a platform where anyone who is subscribed can ask questions. So it is an interactive method, and not just a static video-only class. There is also no time limit on this, so you can watch it anywhere, any time.

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online video class: portraits with on-camera speedlight

There have been many requests for a video tutorial series or a kind of online workshop of the articles on the Tangents website. Working in conjunction with Craftsy – a company that produces professional looking online video tutorials on a number of topics – we created two video classes.

The first class is Portraits with On-Camera Speedlight, and has just been completed and is available! The follow-up class is Off-Camera Flash Photography, and is a natural extension of this class.

The fee for the Portraits with On-Camera Speedlight class is $59.99 but as the instructor, I’m able to offer a 10% discount, via that link, for everyone who follows Tangents.

The online classroom has a platform where anyone who is subscribed can ask questions. So it is an interactive method, and not just a static video-only class. There is also no time limit on this, so you can watch it anywhere, any time.

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off-camera flash photography essentials – video tutorials

I would like to remind everyone that the video tutorials – Off-Camera Flash Essentials – that were created for the ClickinMoms as a Break-Out Session, are still available for purchase.

It’s essentially a flash photography workshop – 90 minutes of video tutorials for $60.

The first section is a 45 minute video seminar where, with the help of images, the basics of flash photography and off-camera flash photography are explained. The final 45 minutes are divided into different sections, including a section where we work on-location.


seminar: wedding photography – style & technique

I presented a seminar on wedding photography on
Saturday, Feb 16, 2013 at Unique Photo in Fairfield NJ.

The program description:
We will discuss real-world practical steps to help you develop and achieve a personal style in wedding photography. We will also discuss photography techniques, as well as topics such as posing and lighting. We will cover various other aspects that photographers can work on and develop, so that they aren’t overwhelmed and daunted by the wedding day. Please note that this seminar is about the techniques and styles of wedding photography, and isn’t a seminar on business and marketing.

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Las Vegas mini-workshop: on-location flash photography

With WPPI coming up again soon, I’ll be in Las Vegas in March 2013. And like previously, I’ll be having a series of mini-workshops of my own.

There will be 2 such mini-workshops; each 4 hrs long.

  • Sunday, March 10,  1 – 5pm  -  sold out
  • Monday, March 11,  1 – 5pm  -  sold out

The mini-workshops will be limited to only 3 people at a time. Definitely un-crowded! Therefore these mini-workshops will be closer to being individual tutoring sessions.

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flash photography workshop – Amsterdam, Netherlands – July 22, 2012

With my daughter, Janine, done with high school and ready to enter university, I thought it might be a great time for a kind of road trip for the two of us. One last time to hang out together before she leaves the house. There was just this small window now in July where both our schedules were open.

When I was in Amsterdam in 1986, I really liked the culture and the laid-back nature of the people here. Of course, it also helped that in being an Afrikaans-speaking South African, I could understand Dutch fairly well. And besides, the Dutch all speak English fluently. So on short notice, I decided a trip to Amsterdam might be a fascinating place for Janine and I to explore for a few days, and let her discover another culture.

With that, I thought it would be a good opportunity to announce a workshop in Amsterdam, since I’ve had several enquiries from The Netherlands and neighboring countries. I was quite thrilled that this workshop today was nearly sold out, even though I did announce it on fairly short notice.

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