August 11, 2011

4 tips on selling wedding albums

by Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg

We all want our clients to get nice wedding albums. On their 50th wedding anniversary, this will be the one thing that they will cherish from their wedding. But, being a big investment, clients often need to be convinced of the value.

Selling really isn’t that hard, and selling albums isn’t that hard if you have a few tips that will get you launched. Here are some simple strategies for selling albums in a straightforward way, by making your clients want the albums.

photography & design by Frank Salas, Orange County Wedding Photographer

1. Sell when you can’t sell

The best time to talk to clients about albums, is when it’s not possible for them to buy one. This means before pictures are taken and/or delivered. The reason for this, is because it allows you to provide information on the albums in a pressure free context. They technically CAN’T buy al album since there are no pictures yet.

Here’s how to do it: During your initial consultation, you’ll need things to talk about. Here’s your start for the conversation about albums, “Can I show you some of the things we could do with your pictures?” A question in this case is better than a statement. Your prospective client will say yes, and appreciate your courtesy. Not only are you getting an early yes (a classic sales technique) you’re setting yourself up to brag about your awesome albums.

photography & design by Michael Corsentino, Napa Valley Wedding Photographer

2. Ticklers

While you’re out shooting, you can remind your clients to think about an album. If you grab a great shot, show it to them on the back of the camera and suggest that it’d be a great image or series of images for an album. Series of images are great for conveying the idea of an album to your clients because it’s easy to see a storyboard. Again, there should be no pressure here. Just be excited about your client’s pictures and how great they could look in an album.

3. Social proof

Humans have a tendency to rely upon what others are doing. One way to sell more albums, is to show that albums are being purchased. When a client orders an album, take some photos of them and feature the album on your blog. Go over some of the cover details and options, maybe a few details about the couple and how excited you are to put their gorgeous book in their hands.

This tells other clients who are reading, that your other clients are buying albums. As people have a tendency to do what others do, this is a subtle way of telling them they should be buying an album as well.

photography & design by  Ann Hamilton – San Francisco, Bay Area Photographer

4. Merchandising

Why do retailers go to great lengths to create gorgeous displays for their wares? Because it works. You want to display your albums as if they’re on a golden pedestal, except not quite so cheesy. The idea is to visually draw attention to them, so that clients are naturally curious. When we treat things like they’re important, they appear to be important. How are your albums displayed? On a dark bookshelf, or a lit bookshelf? Hidden on the bottom of a coffee table or proudly displayed as the center of attention on it? The way you merchandise your albums conveys value and interest to your clients. Dress them up and light them in a way that draws the eye.

There you have it, four solid tips for helping you create want in your clients. Combine these techniques with gorgeous designs and strategically priced albums and you’ll be on your way to successfully selling more albums and creating a new profit center for your studio.

contributed by Fundy Software, – creators of award winning Album Design and Blog Collage software.

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1 fotografii aniversari August 12, 2011 at 10:53 am

Really interesting ideas, especially no.2. With other articles on the blog, good combination. It’s stimulating when you find out even one new idea. Thanks!


2 Bogdan August 12, 2011 at 7:22 pm

My business did not pick up until I started showing albums to prospective clients. Everybody enjoys looking at them, even people on tight budgets who will not buy one actually.
A well designed and presented album is perhaps the most important sales tool that differentiates us from the “digital only” crowd.


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