May 16, 2009

Something I was looking forward to this past week when I visited Nashville, was to meet Chuck Arlund.  I’ve been an admirer of his Fashion photography for quite a while now, ever since he started posting on the Digital Wedding Forum.  To my eye, his work stands out above pretty much anyone else.  Chuck isn’t that well-known yet outside of the DWF, but I have no doubt he will become a big name in the industry.  His lighting ranges from interesting to impeccable.  His lighting and styling of his photos, as well as the styling of his models are always something to be studied.

Chuck Arlund has just started a new blog – Arlund, the blog – where he now only shows his work, but also shares his techniques and ideas, and the way he uses lighting.  And lots more.  Even though he has just started the blog, I know he has a ton of info and photos ready.  There are more posts brewing!   So check his blog out, bookmark it, RSS it .. whatever you do, make sure you check it out often.

Chuck was kind enough to actually help me out on the day of the workshop in Nashville.   Ever the clown, I caught him in mid-air while he was carrying the softboxes we had been using.  I tripped the speedlights with PocketWizards as he jumped.

So just for those who would be interested in the details of the shot, I was at 1/250th @ f5.6 @ 400 ISO.  As always when using non-HSS flash in bright conditions, I was at maximum sync speed.  I didn’t want to go lower, because I wanted to minimize blur from his movement.   I had the speedlights in the softboxes set to 1/16th power because I didn’t want the white diffuser panels to completely blow out.   The highlights on the sidewalk were enhanced in post-processing, and the entire image was popped a bit with some of the Totally Rad Actions.   And here’s the link for the details on the softbox set-ups that are used in the workshops.


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