model – Ulorin Vex

model – Ulorin Vex

A favorite image from today’s workshop in San Francisco – an on-location portrait of our one model, Ulorin Vex.

The light from the off-camera speedlight in a softbox, delivering a mere touch of fill-flash. Most of the light is from the available light coming down between the buildings on this street. I framed her against the background of those shafts of light on the side of the building, to give a slightly enigmatic backdrop.


equipment (or equivalents) used with this photo session


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  1. 5Anggi says

    When I saw this image, first thing I had in mind. WOW!!!
    So much dynamic in this image, totally different than what you do normally.
    Looking forward to see more of your work.

  2. 6Azim says

    Hey Neil,
    Love you stuff, got your first book, should have second book delivered this week. Have been trying your techniques with good success! THANK YOU. Have a couple of quick questions, not sure where to post, but I’m sure you’ll point me in the right direction. Situation: Shooting in a large hall, Large window at back, small windows around the sides and tungsten lighting. 20-30′ ceilings. Mostly concrete walls. Morning shoot. Gelled the flash with a 1/4 CTS. Nikon D300 with SB900 on camera. Looking at the pictures after the event- it looks as though the white balance has changed as I moved around the hall. Have you seen this? How do you compensate on the fly?

    Again, love your stuff, when are you making it out to Seattle, or better yet, Vancouver Canada??


  3. 7 says

    Azim … this will happen. I generally gel my flash with 1/2 CTS when working indoors, and then I adjust my WB during post-processing of my RAW images. With such a scenario where the WB changes during an uncontrolled event, then there isn’t much more to do than rely on the latitude of the RAW file.Then you can fine-tune the image as far as possible during post.

    Re off-topic discussions – the Tangents forum is designed for that.

  4. 9Grayden Provis says

    Doesn’t get better than that. Look at how the angles of her shoulders, chin and hair work off the angles of the light in the background. And the overall monochrome feel of the whole thing punctuated only by the splash of orange. Thats perfection in my book.

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