online video class: wedding photography – the formal family groups

wedding photography – posing and sequencing the family groups

The fourth video tutorial in conjunction with Craftsy, is an interesting one – photographing the family groups at weddings. This is one area where newer photographers have difficulty in finding traction. Suddenly under pressure and with dozens of people pulling in different directions, it is easy to come apart. With this video tutorial, we’ll cover ways of sequencing and posing the family groups.

With numerous useful tips, I cover this topic and explain how I keep everything on track during this part of the wedding day. We’ll cover the topic thoroughly, working from a diagram layout of the family groups, all the way to lighting and posing.

As the instructor, I’m able to offer a big discount for everyone via these links.


Off-Camera Flash Photography
Portraits with an On-Camera Speedlight

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

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  1. 2 says

    What I found interesting was actually seeing how you conducted a photo shoot. It might sound odd, but I thought that seeing exactly how another photographer works to be as informative as the material you covered.

    I haven’t got the on-camera flash tutorial yet, but I do have all the others and can recommend the off-camera flash tutorial as an excellent complement to the equivalent book.

    Thanks for these, Neil. Very interesting, and very much appreciated.

  2. 3 says

    Just started the “posing the family” i already love it.. and for $50 was worth every dollar..(think about the time he took to put this video out for people) if your considering on purchasing a Neil van Niekerk DO IT.. update comment to follow after watching the entire video!!!

  3. 5Raylene says

    Photography has been my hobby for 32 years, and a much younger photographer friend asked me to shoot his wedding-which was this past Saturday.I am quite good at the candid shots, but was terrified of posing people.
    You gave me the information, and confidence to do a great job. I took copious relevant notes for myself- watching it numerous times over a few weeks.
    I’ve recommended your video to sooo many people.
    I am excited to see the other ones listed on the site.
    Thanks again for making learning fun, and inspiring confidence – so that this old dog(53) could learn new tricks.

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