• Photography workshops NJ / NYC

Photography Workshops – NJ / NYC

If you need instruction or help in demystifying photography, I present photography workshops,
most often on topics relating to flash photography and photographic lighting.

These are most often workshops presented to a group,
but you can also arrange for an individual photography workshop.

I also offer personal tutoring sessions.
These are either done in person at my studio in New Jersey,
or via Skype for those who live further away.

Recap of previous photography workshops.


1. On-location lighting & flash photography workshops – group

The group photography workshops are full-day events – and is a mixture of discussion and practical shooting. The workshops will be held at my studio space in NJ. Each workshop is limited to 6 people only.  This way I can make sure of individual attention with each photographer attending the workshop section of the day, and allow everyone enough time to work with the models and to get personal feedback.

The intention with these workshops is to help other photographers grasp whichever aspects had been elusive up until then – whether it is a technique, or bit of theory – and then have things suddenly fall into place. My approach is to teach other photographers how to achieve what they want to.  And what I am trying for, are for a few “aaaah, NOW I get it!” moments.

After attending the workshop  you will have confidence in using your speedlight.  During the practical shooting sessions with 2 models, we will cover a wide range of material from the basics and up. You will be able to get accurate exposures in a fast moving environment such as shooting weddings or events.  We will use a variety of lighting techniques – bounce flash; as well as TTL flash and manual flash; off-camera lighting with a softbox.

more details about the group workshops ~

The workshops for 2015 will take place on:


2. Individual photography workshops

If you’d prefer to have an individual workshop, including a model, I also offer individual photography workshops. These are either held in Manhattan or New Jersey, depending on your schedule and logistics. These are ideal if you’d rather not work in a group, or if you are in the NJ/NY vicinity for a short time only.


3. Photo walks – NYC

At intervals during the year, there will be Photo Walks in New York City. As a group of 4 photographers, we will roam around on location with a model for a few hours. I will bring the lighting gear. You bring a camera and a lens or two, and we’ll have fun!


4. Personal tutoring sessions

I also offer personal tutoring sessions.
These are usually done in person at my studio in New Jersey


5. Skype sessions

If you need help with some problem you’re having in photography or want to do a portfolio review, but you live further away than NJ / NYC, then we could always do the tutoring session via video chat on Skype.


6. Online workshops / video tutorials

If you’re keen on attending a photography workshop, but time and distance limit you, these online video tutorials might just be the thing. Not quite hands-on, but there is something about seeing something explained that might help you when words on a page don’t quite suffice.


contact me

Please feel free to e-mail me or phone me at 862-485-7276, for more information about the workshops.

If you’d like to be updated about upcoming workshops (and other snippets of news and info), then there is the monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to.

thank you

Neil van Niekerk



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  1. 1Jeremy Miracle says

    Best photo class I’ve attended based on:

    Nice blend of hands-on work and instruction time
    Great explanation of background exposure (choosing what’s important in the scene)
    Final class exercise on day 1 really tied things together
    Appreciated your help and comments during class
    Top-notch venue
    Investment in the workshop really shows (ie pocketwizards for everyone)
    Very well organized
    Professional models who are experienced; nice wardrobe selection

    Overall a great experience – thank you.

    Jeremy Miracle

  2. 2Pravin says

    You’re amazing and giving. What we learned in a day easily helped us shoot up way past our competition. You are a guy that we hope our competition never gets to know.

    We always wish you the best and always tell our friends about your work.

    Thank you again and I hope you have a great holiday season

    – Amish & Pravin

  3. 3Debbie Kolasa says

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the workshop experience in Dana Point, California. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and experience with us. It was truly an incredible hands-on learning experience. The workshop was a perfect blend of seminar presentation and hands-on training.

  4. 4Andrew Nolan says

    Hey Neil

    I really want to thank you for the workshop I attended in Dublin yesterday. It was an unbelievable and awesome experience to hear if from the man himself.
    It really helped to blend all the theory together, you managed to answer my questions without me having to ask them! You gave a full on 100% effort and it is really appreciated. Jess is also a fantastic assistant and she moves along in perfect timing as the workshop evolves during the day and both of you displayed unbelievable commitment and professionalism to ensure that everyone on the course got those Ah Ha moments.



  5. 5Quin Rickman says

    Neil the October 25 seminar was excellent; my only regret is that I had not taken this seminar sooner. You thoroughly covered all the topics list in the description of the seminar. As I shoot with Sony cameras I was concerned I wouldn’t get the full benefit of the photo sessions, but you accommodated me and I was able to take full advantage of the photo sessions.

    The models Aleona and Anelisa were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Jessica had everything ready and kept the seminar moving.

    Great job, I got a lot out of it, Thanks.


  6. 6Taryn says

    Oh, please come “home” and do one in South Africa. Thank you so much for sharing and pouring out your passion for brilliantly creative and technical detail on light and exquisite photography. I am inspired by every visit to your site and secretly excited to learn how to take my photography to a new level. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. 8Sean Page says

    Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the great workshop (May 2012)! Working with you to put all the techniques I’ve been reading about into practice was both enlightening and inspiring. I love your simple approach to lighting and the amazing results you can get with it. Every where I go I find myself trying to see the quality and direction of light :)
    It may sound strange but after reading your books and following your site for so long I almost felt like I already knew both you and Anelisa, and finally getting to meet and work with the two of you was a real pleasure.
    If I had one regret it’s that I didn’t think to take pull back shots of each set up we tried while other attendees were shooting. Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess. Anyhow, thanks again for a stellar experience. Travelling the long way to New York from Edmonton, Canada was well worth it, several times over.



  8. 9 says

    I attended the Sept 2011 Dublin Workshop and have to say that Neil is a fantastic, enthusiastic mentor who will explain everything as many times as you need until it all clicks into place!! Thank you Neil.

    I would do it again as I absorbed so much info.

    Come back to Ireland!!

  9. 10sam rogers says

    Dear Neil,

    Your work has a captivating edge, and your instruction in the disciplines of photography is indeed a beacon for anyone who genuinely desires to advance in what has become a very highly competitive field. In my mind, there are very, very few other instructors today who possess your unique acumen.

    Your photography is honest and inspiring; for me, your course was as memorable and important as the workshop I took with Ansel Adams at UC Santa Cruz in June/July of 1969.

    Kudos, my friend.

    Sc Rogers

  10. 11 says

    I have taken a couple of private workshops with Neil… he is really patient, and willing to cover the same ground over and over until you understand what you are doing…

    Since working with him my lighting skills have taken a quantum leap. He unlocked all kinds of mysteries for me and for that I am forever grateful!

  11. 12Cesar says

    Neil, I just wanted to let you know the October 2012 flash workshop was not only a ton of fun, but it has really transformed my technique, by ‘opening a few new doors’ for me. ‘Liberating’ would be more accurate.

    I am in awe of the things you can do by applying a very few basic, but powerful concepts, like the direction of the light, the light fallout with distance (the square root thing for techies) and adjusting my metering.

    I did an event last night, at a dark, dim lit restaurant that was followed by a party… I had all kinds of gear with me… I ended up using 4 things for about 90% of the shoot:

    – My main camera (of course I had backup gear)
    – A single, camera mounted flashgun
    – battery pack for the flashgun
    – The black foamie thing (BFT)

    Yes, BFT. It just rules!!!. Unbelievable, bouncing flash off the walls and ceiling, I spent the most of the evening shooting at ISO 2000, with apertures between 6 and 9!!! Group shots, action shots, dance shots, the whole chimichanga!

    So thanks again for such a GREAT and useful event. Your hands-on/theory approach is just very effective, and it shows that you enjoy what you are doing.



  12. 13Volkmar Witt says

    Now I am back home in Germany. Slowly, I find time to look at and work with all the photos and photo series. This workshop was very very good. I learned very much and I’ve got a lot of wow experiences, so I better understand relationships between these photo series with exif data. I want to say thank you for the good spirit in the workshop. All, Neil, Eric, Anelisa and Aleona have done a great professional job. Of course I also mean in this context, all the food and drink in the breaks and lunch in the restaurant. Every photo of this day is a great treasure for me. I learned so much.
    Nice greetings,

  13. 14Rosaria says

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the amazing amount of information and learning experiances at yesterdays class! I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again today – I wish I had taken your class 3 years ago! It would have saved me countless hours in lightroom and photoshop and in guessing and second guessing myself. So thank you again!!!!

    And if anyone is on the fence about Neil’s On-Location Lighting Workshop….JUST TAKE IT! Best money you will ever spend for your continued education! And you won’t be disappointed.

  14. 15 says

    I just took the September workshop and learned so, so much. Neil was great to work with and because of the small class size he is able to answer any questions and give one on one attention. After the class I think OCF will be a regular part of my work. The class was 11 hours total and I wish it was longer!!!! Thanks again Neil and I look forward to attending a future workshop.

  15. 16Sean says

    Hi Neil,

    Must say you’re a great teacher – your books are my favorite. Easy to follow one day I would’ve to attend a class. What strobes are being use in the shot above where a guy is holding two Profoto softboxes?

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