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Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home

Udi Tirosh, who maintains the DIY Photography website, has released an ebook. It is a collection of DIY tutorials designed to help build a studio at home. The book features a wide collection of DIY projects: some simple projects like snoots and gridspots; but also some more complex projects like big softboxes and continuous lighting systems. And it is a great addition to the free stuff on DIYP’s lighting section.

In the 115 pages of this book, there are 23 Home Studio Projects. It walks you through the relevant projects for building all the modifiers needed for a studio. Shows how to build cheap, yet fully functional versions of expensive lighting modifiers. Detailed step by step tutorials, with images and diagrams to illustrate the build process of each project.

To order this ebook, click on the graphic above.

Here is a screengrab to give you an idea of what you can expect with this book:

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  1. 1forkboy1965 says

    He does have a great website. I’ve picked up a handful of tips and tricks over the past year since I first found the site.

    But somehow I managed to miss the announcement of the book. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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