screen protectors for your camera’s LCD

screen protectors for your camera’s LCD

I try not to bang my equipment around, but there’s also a limit to how ultra-careful you can be with your gear. A number of years ago – actually, decades – I knew a keen photographer who had top-end everything. He had swapped out his mint Nikon F4 for a mint Canon EOS-1n. He kept his cameras and lenses mint by not using them much, and keeping them wrapped in chamois. But that’s the sad part to this story – he rarely used his gear.

Especially now with digital photography where your camera is essentially a computer with a lens – it really depreciates fast. You have to get your cameras out and use them. Get your money’s worth in awesome photos. But, I do like my equipment to work problem-free, and cosmetically not look like they’ve been through a war-zone. Well, that’s aside from my speedlights. My speedlights work hard.

To stop my camera LCDs  from scratching from normal use, or rubbing against my clothes when I hang the camera strap over my shoulder, I use Expert Shield screen protectors. And that’s what I’m showing in the photo above … although, you can’t really see it. But that’s the point – they fit so well.

The Expert Shield screen protectors (B&H) fits snugly on the LCD without needing to be cut or trimmed, because you can order them for your specific camera. Sweet! No struggle. They are also fairly easy to put into place without those annoying bubbles appearing underneath.

You can order these screen protectors from expert shield screen protectors from Amazon;
or directly from the manufacturer as well. Their site has a lot more info on them.
Expert Shield (USA)  /  Expert Shield (UK)

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  1. 2 says

    Those vinyl type protectors are by far the best. I had glass protectors on my 5D MkIII soon after I purchased the camera – on the top and rear LCDs and the rear one broke only days after installation when I put the camera in my bag. That was a rather scary experience as I though I’d trashed my new camera!

  2. 3Sašo says

    Isn’t the D4S and other high-end cameras screen built from some special glass, resistant to scratches? Is it worth to put a protector on?

  3. 4 says

    Yes, the modern cameras have resilient LCD screens, and are scratch-proof (ish).

    But now you have to balance this – $6,500 for the Nikon D4S … and $15 for the screen protector.

  4. 5Robert says

    How would you say these protectors compare to the standard LCD covers Nikon delivers with some of their cameras?

  5. 6 says

    The standard covers with the Nikon cameras (aside from the D3 / D4 bodies not having these), is that dust can get underneath because they are elevated from the LCD. So they do protect the LCD, but the images are slightly less bright and contrasty because the standard covers aren’t directly in touch with the LCD. How important this is, is up to personal taste.

  6. 7Bill says

    I have excellent luck with the GGS covers on 5 different cameras I own. Hard glass and easily installed or replaced.

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