Adobe Tech support

My initial experience with Adobe LightRoom 4 … I’m not impressed so far

With Lightroom 4 being released today, I paid for the upgrade and shortly after, I received my confirmation email, as well as the download link. Yay! I install it, and am then asked for the serial nr. Okay, none of the previous serial numbers work. I check the email again, and it says:

For your records, we have included your serial numbers below.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (Mac/Win,English)
Contact Customer Service

A phone call later to Adobe Tech Support, during which I had to punch in numbers for the various options, the automated phone service of Adobe hangs up on me because they are apparently overwhelmed with tech service calls. The recorded voice says I should use the chat feature on Adobe’s site.

So here we go. I log into my Adobe account, and start the chat thingy with Adobe Support. I enter the details of my problem, including my Adobe account email address; my Lightroom 4 order number. All the necessities. Eventually, someone from Adobe pops up on the chat screen.

A few minutes later, with the Adobe person asking me the same stuff again with slow, automated responses, we end up here:

Learn more inside…