wedding photography: 3 tips to speed up your workflow

wedding photography: 3 tips to speed up your editing workflow

One of the questions that came up during the Q&A at yesterday's presentation at B&H, was how long does it take me to edit a wedding. Well, the ideal is that it takes me less than a day. During the peak wedding season around September and October, it is easy to slip behind, but that still remains my  Read more inside...

Photoshop actions to help with Post Processing after RAW conversion

Adrian, a regular follower of the Tangents blog, (better known as the ever-helpful Trev in the Tangents forum), has the guest spot this week. Adrian has expanded on his explanation of the actions that he mentioned in the comments section of the recent article on Selective Sharpening in Photoshop. Even better, he has made it available as two downloadable actions as well.

so I shot in RAW format, now what?

a RAW workflow - the first step - changing your default settings

As a bit of a forward nudge to those who are entirely new to a RAW workflow, or who hesitantly moved to shooting in RAW - here's the next step forward - changing the defaults for your RAW file. Before we even get there, shooting in RAW is very much part of the serious photographer's environment.  Read more inside...

image size & resolution – 72dpi or 300dpi

image size & resolution - 72dpi or 300dpi

I live 20 miles at 65mph outside New York. Yes, that sentence is pure nonsense. I live 20 miles outside of New York. That's it. The complete description of the distance. Now that 20 miles of course could mean either 30 minutes or 3 hours of driving, depending on traffic through the Lincoln tunnel. But I digress. I could  Read more inside...