scam: Domain name registration / SEO service registration

scam: domain name registration / SEO service registration

scam: Domain name registration / SEO service registration

As if the e-mail scams aren't bad enough, they are now texting photographers with the same scam! But there is another scam that has been going around for years now - but it is so obvious that I doubt many people will fall for it. But just in case anyone has any doubt, or may be a touch too inattentive, this  Read more inside...

e-mail scammers targeting photographers

various scams via email that are targeting photographers

Photographers are more and more becoming the target for scammers and con artists. They come in all kinds of ways. Really, it's the Wild West out there! The most prevalent scam is where the photographer is asked if they are available for a date ... and they just want to throw money at you and book you, without  Read more inside...

scam – photography domains for sale

scam - photography domains for sale

Here is an example that crops up regularly, where a domain with important keywords is offered for sale. WebnameSolution is just one of the companies that try their devious hand at this. The best advice I can give here, is that you do your homework first and find out who actually owns the domain name! Do a whois on the domain, and  Read more inside...