Facebook timeline

Facebook TimeLine – cover image template – free download!

The roll-out of TimeLine, the new look to Facebook pages, has caused somewhat of a stir. Many people kick against it, but many photographers use the banner space available to good effect. The good news is that once you get used to it, the Timeline view of Facebook is easy to implement; easy to use; and easy to navigate. Timeline also helps in clearly presenting your brand as a photographer, or whatever your interest or business might be.

The distinctive look of Facebook’s Timeline view starts with a banner consisting of a wide Cover image and a smaller Profile Image. The Cover Image is also what becomes the Page’s Icon next to every post.

As mentioned here a few days ago, I decided to embrace the new look on my photography page on Facebook with a banner using several of my favorite images. Instead of a single image, I wanted to show some variety. While I am a wedding photographer, I also do other photography work.

When I posted news about the update to my Facebook page, I had a bunch of people ask me how I managed to line up the the Profile Picture with the Cover Image.

Well, here’s how it is done …

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