Amsterdam – a short travelogue shot and edited on the iPad 3

While isiting Amsterdam for a few days with my daughter, I decided to see how well it would work to shoot and edit a video clip on the iPad 3. In fact, do it all on just the iPad 3.

Even though I had my Nikon D4 with me – a camera which is far more suited to shooting video – I decided that it might be fun to shoot and edit on the same device. While I could’ve shot the video footage more easily on my iPhone 4s than the clumsily large iPad, I wanted to edit on the same device, and the iPad offers a lot more real estate when you edit the clips in iMovie.

The iPad 3 was … interesting to use as a video camera. Even though it offers stabilization of the image, I think the shape of the iPad just means it will be more prone to camera shake than a D-SLR that you can cradle in your hand. There’s no easy way to brace the iPad.

Then also, I think I looked a bit of a dork shooting the video on an iPad. Especially with the Nikon D4 dangling off my shoulder.

The real limitations of the iPad came in that you can’t control exposure or focus. Also, you have a single focal length. Even with that, it was a fun challenge to work around these limitations to come up with a short clip that stands on its own. And for me, it is a wonderful reminder of the few days during which my daughter and I explored Amsterdam.

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the iPad – not a review

September 15, 2010

By now everyone is well clued up about the iPad:
– its capabilities – that it is a ‘game-changer’
– the iPad’s popularity – selling one every 3 seconds in the first three months!
– the iPad’s wonderful display – just look at it.  Images just pop off the screen.
– that it is like an oversized iPhone, but without the phone or a camera.
– the Pad’s limitations – that it seemed to have been designed with consumption of media in mind, rather than creation.

the iPad – not quite a review

So this is not quite a review on the iPad. That would be fairly redundant now, 5 months after release. Rather, this is some of the experience of using the iPad as a photographer’s tool.

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