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Lens Skins

How to make your 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom lens even more epically sexy than it already is!

I had diverse reaction when I posted photos of how I prettied up my 24-70mm lens with a Lens Skins (vendor) stick-on decal. Some comments weren’t so favorable .. but hey! I’m tough. I can take it.

On weddings and other shoots, the lens skin for my shorter zoom got me a lot of comments. Little flowergirls and grand-dads alike, will approach me at weddings to ask about it. Even on corporate shoots I’ve had people ask about it. It’s an easy point for people to strike up a conversation with me. Part of it is that I think the lens and camera looks less menacing. And with that in mind, I decided to get a psychedelic set for my 70-200mm f2.8 zoom. If there was a lens that made people feel uncomfortable about having it pointed at them, it is this beast.

Interestingly enough, this colorful lens-skin on the larger zoom received even more attention than the smaller lens had. And so far, everyone that I’ve met has commented favorably … except for one hardcore photo-journo that could barely suppress a smirk. Understandably perhaps. But then, he isn’t a client.

In a conversation with a female photographer friend of mine, she remarked how she thinks it is fine and quite amusing that I’d do this, but she absolutely can’t. As a woman photographer she felt she already had to deal with a credibility gap at times. A frivolous gesture like this colorful lens would just work against her image of being a serious photographer. This is a topic that received a lot of attention recently on another blog. Amusing then, and slightly ironic, that this is something that, as a big brawny guy, works for me in certain ways.

If you’re interested in seeing the variety of Lens Skins (vendor) available, check out the affiliate link to see what is available for your lenses.

(As an aside, this particular lens skin had an incorrectly shaped pattern for the lens hood, and I had to shape it properly with a pair of scissors. Disappointing then for the price.)



Wildlife photographers have had camouflage for their equipment for years now, but now photographers have the option of prettying up their photo gear as well. Lens Skins (vendor) are vinyl cut-outs that fit the shape and contours of a wide variety of lenses, and come in a huge variety of designs. The Lens Skins easily attach, and are easy to peel off again.

I was curious about getting one for my one lens – wondering whether people would react differently to a pretty camera rather than the menacing bulk of a big camera and lens. The Lens Skins are spendy, but my curiosity was piqued enough to get one.

Sometimes I feel like the photo-geek version of The Terminator when I arrive at a client’s home with two Nikon D3 bodies slung over my shoulders, each with an f2.8 zoom lens and flash. Maybe this psychedelic flowery pattern would be an ice breaker. And true enough, this lens is a conversation starter – kids to older folks ask me about it and strike up conversations. So perhaps it makes me look less intimidating. Really, who can be afraid of this big bad wolf if his camera looks pretty?

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