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wedding photography – simplifying composition with a fast telephoto zoom

If you can create a good photograph out of seemingly “nowhere”, then you can bring a variety to your images that is out of the league of photographers who have to rely on picture-perfect scenery. This is especially true with wedding portraits. We’re under pressure for time, and on top of that we can’t always control where we shoot. We have to make it work wherever we are.

One of the basic techniques I rely on heavily with my wedding photography, is to eliminate distracting elements by shooting with a fast telephoto zoom. The shallow depth-of-field works to my advantage. And the longer focal length compresses the image so that the background isn’t a sweeping vista anymore, but a narrower view which YOU can control with your own position. Move around to find that composition.

The photograph above is perhaps an excellent example of this. The groom, also a photographer, left this comment on the Facebook album:

I also had an “ah ha” momemt watching you create images. We went to unfamilar places and you played with the background blur to create cool shots like the one of us sitting on wicker chairs, at a dumpy metal table, outside, facing a pedestrian-filled parking lot.”

There really wasn’t much more than that – the concrete slab outside a restaurant, with a few tables and chairs, with a parking lot in the background, and a few small trees and shrubs.  Now, I don’t quite have a pull-back photo to show you where we were, but I do have this test shot with a slightly wider field of view, which shows some of the background. It was a mess.

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Beautiful photography is an essential part of every couple’s wedding day plans. The mind has a way of gradually forgetting the small events that make a wedding day so very special. The proud and loving look of a mother as she first sees her beautiful little girl all grown up and dressed in “the perfect” wedding gown…. the gentle touch of a father’s hand as he prepares to walk his daughter down the aisle…. the glistening eyes of a groom’s best man as he toasts to the friendship they’ve shared throughout the years. With an investment in high quality photography, these precious moments will not be forgotten as years pass and memories slowly fade away.

Blonnie Brooks Photography uses a documentary approach with a careful touch of artisty to ensure that the emotional moments and meticulously planned details of a wedding day are not forgotten. She observes and captures these events in photographic form as they naturally unfold around her, ensuring the couple receives an end product that is exactly as they remembered. This all culminates into treasured and timeless wedding day photographs, appreciated for generations.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Blonnie Brooks is a Delaware and Maryland Wedding Photographer, providing wedding photography coverage for the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware as well as many other areas within Maryland and Delaware, including Annapolis, Maryland; Baltimore, Maryland and also Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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