timelapse photography

tips on time-lapse photography

After seeing the breath-taking Time-Lapse photography by MindRelic on Vimeo, I was inspired to buy a motorized Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly to also shoot time-lapse that has a cinematic quality to it. If you just keep the camera static, then time-lapse can look good … but it is when you bring lateral movement to the camera while it is shooting the sequence, that it can look truly impressive. That movement just elevates it above the mundane immediately.

The way that the new series of Nikon cameras like the Nikon D4;  Nikon D800; and now the Nikon D610 (vendor), compiles time-lapse sequences in-camera as movie files, makes it so much easier to shoot time-lapse. You can see on the spot whether a time-lapse sequence is working, or whether there might be a technical hiccup. The first time I tried the time-lapse feature of the Nikon D4, I was already impressed with the ease of use, and the final results.

During the past week, I’ve been in New York several times to shoot more sequences. The clip above is a short compilation of my favorite sequences. There isn’t a specific continuing theme to them yet. It’s still a work in progress, but I thought it would be cool to share some of it already … and also share some of the tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

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