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Pocket wizard plus II connected to camera's hot shoe

KerlandKerland Member
edited July 2013 in flash & lighting
Hi to all the great photog's of this forum and a special Thank's !!! to Neil, for the tremendous effort, time, resource's and dedication injected into this site in helping less experience photog's like myself and many more proffessional alike in better understanding the true art and science of digital photography and lighting. Now, my question is stem from a recent experience I had messing around with a pocket - wizard plus II transciever connected to the hot shoe of my camera, with the pc cable connected to the flash port on the transciever I forgot to attach the other end of the cable to the camera's pc terminal but when I press the shutter the remote flash fired consistently surprising me, so I tried a second shot and it did fire again, not satisfied with what happen, I then removed the plus II from the camera and placed it in another camera's hot shoe and the result was the same without the sync cable connected, so my big question is, has anyone experience this before ? is it safe to do so or would it eventually cause internal damage to my camera ? Thanking all responder's in advace. Gear used was a Canon DSLR.


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Welcome to the forum.

    The PW Plus II is designed for firing from the hotshoe, no PC cord needed, that's the whole point, it connects/talks to off-camera flash through the hotshoe.

    But, you do not have TTL capability with the PW Plus IIs, only manual.

    Just take the cord out if only needing off-camera flash to fire, and no, it won't hurt if you leave it in.

    Vice-versa, you can also have the PC cord connected to the camera just hanging loose like I do on all my cameras, ready to plug into a PW when I need to, since I may be firing an off-camera flash along with on-camera flash which brings me to . . .

    . . . on the other hand, if you still wanted to use a flash on camera, and need a PW to also fire a remote flash, you just need to have the PC Cord, the PC lock end into the PC port on the camera, and the other mini plug end into the 'Flash/Camera' plug opening, not just the 'Flash' opening.

    It's important you use that opening otherwise it won't fire the remote flash.

    Also, it's important when connecting your cable to the remote PW for the off-camera flash you only use the 'Flash' opening in the PW for remote flash connection.

    I have a special bracket I got custom-built which fits to the bottom of my camera base's tripod screw socket, with an arm out and a cold shoe mount on the other end where the PW slides into and locked, then a PC cord into camera, the plug into the 'Flash/Camera' plug hole.

    Hope this allays your fears.


  • Trev, thank's alot !!! for your speedy response and helpful tips, I felt relieve on hearing that it's alright and can be used like that. I recently bought a hot shoe adapter to use with one of my earlier digital camera's, that doesn't carry a sync port, only to find out now, it wasn't necessary, luckily it's one of the cheaper brands but I'm sure it would come in handy at some other time in the future.
    Thank's again and regard's !!
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