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Nissin and other brands head movement

willo500willo500 Member
edited July 2013 in flash & lighting
I have read a bit about the Nissin Di866 flash unit and many people believe this is a good alternative to the Canon flashes. I know it has good power and seems reliable. The menu system looks great to me, and the price is right too!

My only reservation about this flash is the swivel and tilt of the head. I've used Canon 580EX II flashes which will let you angle the head where you want. I'm not sure the Nissin does this. I know it swivels 180 deg one way and 90 the other so not as flexible as Canon. I'm not sure which way it swivels ( CW or CCW as you look down on it from the shooting position with it mounted on camera )

TBH I don't use on camera flash a lot - hardly ever in fact except for using it for fill flash outdoors where I invariably point it straight at the subject. IIRC on the odd occasion that I have bounced it on camera I believe that I tend to bounce it over my left shoulder.

I'm not sure if the 180 deg swivel would allow this or whether I would have to bounce off my right shoulder and whether this would cramp my style a great deal.

Anyway, in your opinion is this a deal - breaker for using it on - camera ? As I say I hardly ever use OCF If so I could buy a used 580 EX II for use on the camera and keep a couple of Di866 for using wirelessly I suppose.

Thanks for your help folks


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited July 2013
    Bounce Function : Upward 90 degree, Left 90 degree, Right 180 degree

    Perfect if you bounce it over right should then rotate camera left for portrait.

    However, you said you preferred over your left shoulder and 90 deg left is definitely workable anyway.
  • willo500willo500 Member
    edited July 2013
    Trev sorry to be dense but do you mean it will swivel CCW 90 deg and CW 180? Also surely to bounce it over your shoulder requires an angle of around 135 deg so the 90 wouldn't be as good as it would only let you bounce from the side and up a bit if you like
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited July 2013
    Yes, that's right with angles, but when I want to bounce, I nearly always, with exception bounce over right, so, when I tilt the camera's orientation to portrait, the flash head angle and tilt are perfect to shoot like that.

    Are you going to be using the BFT like most of us here do to control the spill of the bounce?


    Also just realised, 90 degrees is a straight right angle, so not as far as I thought, sorry, so you would be limited a bit if trying to shoot over left.

    You may have to consider that if thinking of purchasing.

    Depends on budget, but I would maybe hang out for the Canon 600EX-RT
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I had three of the Nissin flashes for review a long while ago ... and I didn't like them at all, and returned them, saying I wouldn't be able to give a fair review.

    One of the things that bothered me was the limited movement of the head of the flagship flashgun. That just negates the savings in $$
  • Thank you Trev and Neil for your comments. I do indeed use the BFT and love it - thanks to you Neil for that.

    I'm likely to scour the market for a used 580EXII due to the head angle on the Nissin. I don't see a problem using the Nissns off camera though, although I am wondering about recycle time on these 3rd party units.

    I'm finding used 580EXIIs to be pretty hard to get at a reasonable price at the moment though.

    Thanks again :-)
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