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Canon 1d mk2 N settings??

siskasiska Member
edited July 2013 in technique & style & stuff
Dear Sir,

I come from a nikon d2H with wich photographing pets and outdoor was big fun. Metering, focus and ergonomy were so reliable and easy to use.
Since I have canon 1d mk2N, things have changed a lot..to the bad..

Generally I am using 70-200 4 L .

I am wondering what setting I have to use, for best results. I love to use only one focuspoint but want to have the focusAREA as large as possible.
With the 45 focuspoints 'wrapping' around, a lot of pictures are not in focus.
I almost never had this with my d2h, on the contrary. The selector to change focus was very handy with the nikon also.

As metering concerns, I have the impression the nikon was much better in metering too, seen the histograms!
What metering would be the best for my purposes, evaluative (matrix)?
The 1d mk also seems to overexpose easely.

Thanks for your help,




  • Saw your post about the 1dmark 2n

    Check this out


    Basically. Al Servo
    Cfn. 4-3
    Cfn. 17-1
    Using the back button
    Hope this helps

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I never really strayed very far from Single Point / Single AF mode.

    I did use the three horizontal AF points to help with compositions which are off-center.

    I never much liked (and still don't like) the AF options which does the work for us in guessing where to focus. It might be fine for fast-moving areas of photography such as Sport ... but for wedding work, a more measured approach to AF is better, imho.

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