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Light setup

vaenkavaenka Member
edited August 2013 in home
I'll be shooting a wedding here soon and wanted advise on what lighting setup to use. I was thinking of a setting up an flash behind directed at the couple and one more in-front for bounce flash. I'm attaching a draw up on the setup. Appreciate any input.


  • well...the lighting does not look that bad to start with...so you can get away with one main light behind you...in other words, can you do on camera bounce flash to a wall behind you? If not, a large umbrella would do the trick. Based on the photo, you could skip the light behind the subjects. I don't think cross lighting is needed here....Also, I see two rotating lights-try using them for a dramatic effect by turning the 4 over-head lights off. Having some lighting going right on the bench might look good depending on the light fall off. You could potentially flag one to create a ratio. If it was me, I would keep it simple and go with a one light fill flash set up (either on or off camera) to counterbalance the top heavy light. Good luck...and I hope I was clear because I am sleep deprived.

  • I tend to agree with Rudy - and I draw my comments from what I have learnt right here... that is use one light on or off camera bounced (flagged) and allow for the ambient to light the 'set'. I think that would work well. Plenty of examples on the Tangents blog where this has been done. I tell myself all the time not to over-complicate things and I would consider this an example of that.

    Just might need to correct for the fluoro's if they will be on.
  • Thanks Guys. I will be shooting from below the stage so uncertain if on camera bounce flash would work here. I was looking to setup a kicker light 45deg behind the couple but if it is not adding much will be happy to leave that out.
  • I shot at the venue with bounce flash and wanted to share an image from the shoot. I have been a guest at many indian weddings where one off camera speedlight is setup on the stage for general fill. I tried to duplicate that here but didn't have enough space.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Great shot Vaenka. Good job of capturing that moment at just the right time. :)
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