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Adobe announces new plan - Creative Cloud for photographers

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
edited September 2013 in home
Adobe listened ... thankfully, and changed the pricing plan for Creative Cloud, to match what photographers actually need.



  • yes..only caveat is that you must own CS3 or later....but still great news for most.
  • So that seems a lot better but I still have a few questions. I already have CS6 and I knew it was the last release for purchase however it is more than I need so I was content to use it as long as Adobe kept up with updates which they said they would. LR is still available for purchase and I have V5. Apart from the cloud I was wondering what other advantages I have going this way. I suppose about $70 for LR and $130 upgrades every two years almost pays for itself. I guess being at the mercy of future price hikes is a consideration.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Since I occasionally review new gear, and my 2nd shooters may use newer gear, I will forever have to upgrade to the latest version. So for me, this is good news.
  • I just chatted with an Adobe rep. Available Sept 17 and is over Dec 31. You just continue to use CS6 and LR5. I always updated since CS2 because you don't get caught with higher pricing later. I believe Adobe promised to keep updating CS6 with camera RAW but who knows for how long. I suppose that is not a bad price to maintain the latest versions of CS and LR.

    He never stopped trying to up sell me to the full CC package for $30 a month.
  • At $120 the first year, the upgrade is very good for photographers. However, I strongly doubt that Adobe will be able to maintain the $9.99/month offer to those who sign up and renew in future years. Market conditions change all the time, and once Adobe has a large number of people signed up and "locked in," Adobe can opt to raise the subscription price.
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