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Nikon SB-910 - Head Tilt to -0.7 Degrees

PDH7981PDH7981 Member
edited September 2013 in flash & lighting
Would anyone know if by tilting the head to the -7 Degree position on the Nikon SB-910, is there any loss of output power? I've been searching the SB-910 manual and Googling the web and can't seem to confirm or deny and just wanted to see if anyone knew the answer. The reason for the question.... I purchased the Impact Quickbox Softbox and the flash sits just a touch too high once I've mounted the PocketWizard and the flash on the bracket. Plus, once the softbox is mounted to the ring, the weight of the softbox causes the ring to pull away from the light a bit because I have to mount the ring at almost full extension. Sure wish they manufactured that ring a bit longer.

An easy fix is tilting the head to the -7 Degree position. That small amout of tilt is enough to solve the problem but not at the expense of power, of course. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I seem to remember seeing this somewhere and just wondered if my memory is right or wrong.

Thanks in advance.


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