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mini tt1 power cable

MikeZMikeZ Member
edited September 2013 in home
Has anyone used the new power cable for the pocket wizard tt1? It will be great to never rely solely on the watch battery. Can't wait for mine to get here!



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    It was a big bother to me that the TT1 relied on the cell type battery. It is part of the reason I went with the TT5 units instead, which run off AA batteries. So this is good news for TT1 users.
  • I have it now and it's fantastic. Running off the camera is great. For $20 since I had the tt1 I figured I can't go wrong. It does not power the flex's but it will run the plusiii and the mulitimax also. I still dont see why PW can't or won't make the flex's with the ac3 dials built in. That would solve all the weirdness...lol...
  • So as a follow up...it turns out that with both of my D700's and the tt1 with power cable I encountered errors. A few hundred shots then I would get no aperture info on the camera display. It would just go blank as if the lens was not attached and the camera would not fire. No amount of fussing or battery changing or trouble shooting would correct it. It would magically fix itself and be awesome. For a while...

    The great people at pocketwizard tried everything-including swapping units. In the end they sent me another flex for the on camera use. Very pleased with their efforts! They also told me I am the only person that has come to them with this issue. Ever. :)

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