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Senior Portraits outdoors

ghstinshllghstinshll Member
edited October 2013 in portraits & people
Hello all, first post here. I'm a new amateur photographer with just a D5100, kit lens, and 55-200 f4-5.6... For background on me, I am a networking engineer by trade, and pretty much live/breath tech & all thing geeky. After taking a million PnS pics of my kids with my old Olympus Ultra-Zooms, I decided to branch out into the dSLR arena. I have volunteered to shoot my cousin's daughter's Senior pix because they have a husband/dad who is terminally ill. I mean, who can afford a photographer when dad's literally dying (before 50 years of age).

I've been reading and wanting to pick up the new 50mm 1.8g from Nikon. I see it produces nice bokeh for the cost ($220 & under)

I stumbled across Neils page (posted below) and wanted to ask about the lighting...


In this pic, would you use a flash, with a diffuser on it to light up the cute brunette model's face?

Do you leave your aperture as wide open as you can for this or close it a little?

I will also be taking these pictures in Iowa/Illinois on the Mississippi river & hope to catch some good fall colors in the background. They will be taken in the late hours, probably from 5-7PM. Any other tips or cool ideas for shooting in this light?
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