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How to download Photoshop CC trial?

TrevTrev Moderator
edited October 2013 in home
Does anyone have PS CC installed on a Windows 7 machine?

Here is my problem.

So, I go to the stupid Adobe site https://creative.adobe.com/products and click on PS for the CC Trial, get a new page here https://creative.adobe.com/products/photoshop and click on the big blue button.

Up pops a little window asking for something like an App. Now I don't have a clue, so presume it wants something to download from and I choose Firefox as it was the thing it was pointing to.

OK that, press the download and my browser window goes crazy, starts flashing, have to close FF.

The Task Bar shortcut does not then work, had to go into Programs get it opened and all works fine, including the Task Bar. However, each time I now try to get CC, by pressing the Download, Firefox just goes crazy as before, no little pop-up window available.

Question is, a step by step of how to just download the bloody thing would be appreciative right now.

Frustrated as hell, Trev. Thanks in advance.


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited October 2013
    PS: I 'think' I found the problem. You need to install 'Creative Clod' set-up first to choose the 'app' it was asking for.

    Nothing said about this having to be installed first, typical. Can anyone verify this before I install?

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited October 2013
    Nah, found a better solution, a direct link download, no crap to put up with.

    Windows, there are 2 files you need to download. (Mac just the 1 file]


    scroll down around 1/3rd of the way and you will see direct links to download from.


    Couple of things first you should know.

    1] Go to Adobe site and make sure you are logged in [in another TAB will suffice] first before attempting to download, this site is a legit site which connects to Adobe to verify your log-in, otherwise it won't even download.

    2] Then click on the direct download link of the item you want, but in Windows, there are Files 1 & 2. You need BOTH.

    3] File 1 will be an 'Adobe Extractor' file, not to be confused with File 2's zipped download.

    4] Important, unzip the Photoshop CC download, get into the folder where the CC 'Set-up.exe' is and put that first file into the folder. This file only needs to be in that folder, it's to do with 'Extracting' all the necessary files when installing CC, you do *not* try to run that file. [image]


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