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Nikon TTL Flash

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I have a Nikon D7000 and Sb-600. I've attached them to a flash bracket along with a SC-17 Nikon TTL Cable. I was under impression that when I had Flash in TTL mode, and I made changes on the camera, those changes are also changed on the flash. Is this the case? Sorry for such a minor question, but I almost always use my flashes in Manual mode because I use Yongnuo Triggers. . I have noticed that when changing EC values on the camera, it does indeed transfer to the flash accordingly.


  • I don't own a Nikon but I have been in very long threads about how the Canon flash system works in other forums and this part about Nikon came up so I am curious as well. I have read what you said is accurate but I can't back it up.
  • Here is what I could find on Nikon's support page.

    "Using the SC-17, SC-28 and SC-29 with i-TTL compatible cameras and Speedlights
    When an SC-17, SC-28 or SC-29 cable is used for off-camera flash photography with i-TTL compatible cameras such as the D70 or newer DSLRs, correct exposure may not occur if using i-TTL Balanced fill-flash. It is recommended to select spot metering in order for the camera to use standard i-TTL flash metering instead. This will improve consistency of flash exposures when using off-camera flash photography."

  • I've had my Camera in matrix Metering mode...I'll have to switch it to spot and view the results...thank you.
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    Okay, real world test...I see absolutely no difference in using the flash in off camera TTL with SC-17 cable in any of the Nikon d7000's metering modes. Seems to be correctly exposed. I'm not a pixel peeper or anything remotely similar, but the images appear identical. Only thing I see differently that pops up on the SB-600 is a BL icon when going from Matrix to spot metering...but images...no difference...Is everything working as it should?
  • penndragonn2001, yes, having the SB600 connected via a TTL cable makes it equivalent to being in the hotshoe. The support note that Stephen quoted is not really about an incompatibility with using the cable, it is about the fact that using the cable means the flash may be a different distance to the subject than the camera. As I understand, the TTL BL mode considers the subject distance (which is communicated from the camera). The regular TTL mode does not, and spot metering happens to be a way to disable the TTL BL mode.

    If you use a cable to get the flash off the camera and TTL BL mode is enabled, then you could bring the flash closer to the subject (for example) and the flash might overexpose the subject because the flash was told by the camera it is further away.
  • Thanks to all. Using my flashes IN TTL mode(s) is new to me. I am always in manual mode. I would take a shot, check the results, and adjust as necessary. One thing I did notice that still puzzles me. I see on the SB-600 lcd the zoom rating doesn't change no matter what the camera is set at in TTL mode. Does the Zoom function on the SB-600 still have to be manually changed in TTL mode?
  • The zoom function of the SB-600 should work with the TTL cable. You likely have it disabled. If it has an M above the zoom, it is disabled. Go into the menus to the zoom - I think it is supposed to be 'OFF' for autozoom to work.
  • Thanks Nikonguy,

    Wasn't aware of that. Do you mean Menu on the flash or in Camera?
  • On the flash. Just do a google on SB-600 manual to read how to get into it. You have to press a couple keys together (Zoom and minus? I think?) and then you need to step through until it says Zoom, then press ?something? to toggle it to OFF. Then press ?something? to close. LOL, it's awkward and not user friendly - I don't have one of my SB-600's in front of me. Check the manual.
  • yeah I know it's in there somewhere, just thought I'd ask. Your advice and replies, as with others here, always much appreciated.
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