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setting up remote flashes

shimishakeshimishake Member
edited October 2013 in flash & lighting
Hi to all,

i'm pretty much struggling with tunning remote flashes (in venues, for example)
so i will be glad to get some eyes openning advices

1. (and the most important) in niel's post "finding the light" (the hindu ceremony) there was a set up of 3 lights at different spots at the temple,
my question is about tuning the lights- how to set up the lights (in term of power) ? is it trial and error ? set them up and then take a couple of test shots to see if it works for you,

are there any guidelines when setting them up ?

2. in the same post, the umbrellas were aimed a little bit upwards, why ?
i cant seem to figure it out..... why not aim the umbrella/s down towards the crowd ?

hope i'm not too messy....


  • Remote triggers are a must for the remote flashes. It is the only way to quickly and reliably control the output during an event as there is no time to run around to the flashes to adjust power. Power setup depends on the size of the space, reflectivity of the surfaces, the amount ambient light you want to register in your photo. I would think that in the post you speak of the umbrellas are pointed upward to scatter the light off the white ceiling to use the ceiling as a larger light source to both soften (less hard and or criss crossing shadows) and make the light present all over the room not just where the light would be pointed directly.
  • shimishakeshimishake Member
    edited October 2013
    hi mike, thanks for your comment.

    i'm currently using yn-622N for my remote flashes, but i use them mainly in manual mode and not TTL, so at the beggining of a family event (where i usualy practice) i want to tune the flashes (manualy) only once, then if needed i'll play with my aparture to compansate for exposure .

    but how would i know in advance that i'm on the spot (flash power speaking) ?
  • Test shots. I use pocket wizards and an ac3 zone controller for my flashes. I use them on manual for room lighting. Select the aperture, iso and shutter speed (under max sync of course) you feel comfortable with and start with the flashes at half power with a test shot of the room. Adjust from there. I'm not confident that the aperture only adjustment will give you the best results though. If a large group photo pops up f4 (just as example) probably wont get enough in focus and raising the aperture to accomplish the depth of field you need will now make the photo too dark. Yes, the iso can be bumped up but sometimes thats not the best solution. Experiment and have fun. There is a lot to read on this forum!
  • Wow... never thought of the aperture issue like that before,
    oh well, another puzzle to solve


    thanks for the tips, really appreciate it !
  • Lol anytime. Don't worry the more you shoot the less you will have to think about your equipment.
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