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Canon 5D3 FW update 1.2.3

ZenonZenon Member
edited November 2013 in home
This new firmware updates a few ongoing issues. The 5D3 tended to set AF micro focus on the all lenses settings to -8. FW update 1.2.1 was supposed to correct this but I came across it again. That setting is on my 5D3 is always at 0 for all lenses. One day I was shooting and noticed during PP focus was not that good. I checked and my 5D3 switched over to all -8.

Previous to FW 1.2.1 the focus hunted when a flash was attached, the AF focus assist beam was enabled in a low light situation. It was not bad, only a few seconds but that that could mean missing a key shot. The 5D2 was instant. FW 1.2.1 addressed that issue but someone noticed that the flash would misfire occasionally. Not hunting, it would just not fire when the focus was acquired and locked. FW 1.2.3 addressed this issue. The person who reported this to Canon has reported the flash firing at 100% since upgrading to FW 1.2.3.

I have followed both the above issues for months and can provide links if anyone is interested. I just installed it this morning.



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