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Nikon D800/D800E Left side Focus Issue?

sathlersathler Member
edited November 2013 in home
There has been quite a bit of buzz around the Nikon D800 / D800E focusing issues and one of the most recurring topics of discussions seems to be around the asymmetric focus issue (left AF focus issue)

I have a big dilemma....Got a bit over enthusiastic about the new Nikon Df and put my name down for one....this was two days ago...Since then I've been reading the specs more and more and also reading reviews...So I decided to take a breath and do some more thinking before going ahead with the Nikon Df.

So I was looking at the Nikon D800/D800E.... And it seams to suffer from this problem: Left AF focus Issue.

So...thought about the NIKON D610 as the D600 had a lot of issues with the Shutter/Oil on the sensor?

After reading more and more It seams that some people are saying that the problem was not rectified with the
Nikon D610....


I have a Nikon D700 at the moment and am looking for another camera and will keep the D700 as my second
(back up) camera.

Any help would be much appreciated as I need to ring the place where I put an interest for the Nikon Df to change my order...

Thank you,


  • Nikon has had some serious misses over the last few years-SB 900 overheating issues (fixed with the SB910), D800 focus problems, some issues with the D4 (screen and something else-can't recall) D600 dust, oil and ISO performance but every company has "recalls" and problems-hence warranties and refund policies. When the D800 came out, I was going to go Nikon (again) but there were too many reports about problems about the AF issue, even from die hard Nikon fans, that I decided to stick with Canon and go with 5D MK III. At this time, however, I would not hesitate to buy a NEW D800 because they seem to have the issue under control. The D610, according to what rental companies are saying, has the oil/dust issue resolved. (google lensrentals.com and D610) As far as the Df-that is one sexy camera and easily the best looking Nikon out but waiting a little now can save you weeks or months of frustration down the road. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance so all could be fine with the Df...the decision is yours to make. I would wait for the 6 month mark and read reputable sources (not most forums) and email rental companies about problems they are (or are not) experiencing. They will tell you!

    You have a proven performer now (D700) so take your time. Rushing into something won't make you happy.

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