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Just thought I'd mention this. In the past I have used canon speedlights and found them to be inconsistent so switched to metz, same thing, so I bought a couple of yongnuo. Although I'm very happy with them I have a feeling I was too quick to write the others off. I had read somewhere about cleaning the contacts on top of the camera where the flash sits if your flash isn't doing the job properly. I have changed camera so was unable to test if that was the case, I merely assumed it was the flash. Has anybody else had inconsistency with canon and metz speedlights? I also bought a couple of the yongnuo wireless triggers, again, brilliant. How are yongnuo able to make speedlights compared to canon and Nikon for a fraction of the cost?


  • What is your definition with inconsistent? Flash exposure? I found my Metz 58AF-2 very consistent in Auto mode but that was not a surprise as they are legendary in that department. Canon always underexposes in Auto. Not bad in ETTL but when in ETTL the cameras metering system makes the flash output calculations regardless of what flash you are using.

    I purchased the METZ for the Auto exposure but it did not work for me. The Auto exposure itself was excellent. In Auto the flash itself makes the exposure calculations during the actual exposure so it has to be able to do this and allow time for the flash tubes to drain and prevent overexposure. In ETTL the exposure duration is pre determined because of the pre flash. I'm a high ISO shooter so at events I was always getting overexposure warnings in Auto if I went over ISO 1600 and/or wider than F4. I wound up using ETTL most of the time. I sold the Metz because it is easier to work with one system type for menus, etc, when you are in a hurry.

    The only thing I know is that the 580EX II has foot contact issues which causes it to switch from ETTL to TTL. TTL is for film. This is because the new locking lever would not make a solid connection with the hot shoe and the flash would jiggle. When contact was broken the flash switched to TTL.

    That never happened to me once. There is a procedure to tighten the foot lock assembly and Canon did come out with a new foot replacement for about $50. The pins were pointy and a tad longer. The original pins were round. I did change the foot as a preventative measure step.
  • I am also very happy with my YN568EX and prefer it over the canon 580EX for several reasons but mainly the BEEP when the flash has recharged. It has become my go to flash and the canons stay in the bag since they are irreplaceable-they don't make the 580EX's anymore. The YN ETTL triggers are also very good and I rarely have problems-range can be an issue depending on the environment. When I get some more $, I will buy an additional YN568EX.
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