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Regarding purchase of Neil's books

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Dear Neil,

I've just recently signed up to be part of your community after always reading your blog for inspiration and education. Not sure if I was to post here.

I intend to purchase all 3 books of yours and would like the copies with your autograph in all 3 of them. I've followed to the purchase page, but what I would like to know is that would you be able to offer like a bundle purchase where I could purchase all 3 books together? I'm not requesting a special discount (although it would be a total lie saying I don't need discount). What I am more concerned with is that I would like to be able to purchase 3 books and to be shipped together in 1 shipment. according to to purchase page, it seemed to be that I could purchase individually only. I don't want to have 3 different shipments coming in. Would love to be able to get all the books at the same time.

please let me know of the options I could choose. Oh, and for my case would be international purchase.



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    SHO … I stopped offering autographed copies of my first two books. Requests have dwindled to just a few per month, and I decided to only offer the third book with an autograph. (It helps me in not having to keep inventory. Yup, I have to buy my own books at wholesale prices.) Now, the irony is, is that I removed the option yesterday (Nov 14th), when I sold the last of the On-Camera Flash books that I had left.
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