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Parabolic and flash advice

woosterwooster Member
edited November 2013 in flash & lighting
Hi folks. I've just taken delivery of a 62 inch Lastolite Mega silver parabolic umbrella. I also have recently bought the UK version of the Godox ( Cheetah ) 360 flash. I'm new to both of these so I'm on a bit of a curve.

Can someone please give me a couple of basic pointers as to how to use the umbrella. I'm guessing I want it pointed a bit above, to the side and angled down towards the subject as per normal and I'm guessing this umbrella would function best a few feet away rather than close up; maybe about 10ft. Does this sound about right?

I'd appreciate a correction if I'm on the wrong track here.

Second re the flash. I've loads of power in this one and I'm guessing I should use it bare bulb ( without the supplied reflector ) to bounce the light all over the surface area of the umbrella. Does this sound right?

Again if I'm wrong, please correct me.

Thanks for your help


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