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  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Surely they would have to be the most "not living in the real world" and are 'off with the pixies' as like to say here.

    Man, can you imagine the photographer's brief.

    Wait, I bet he also has to use a Box Brownie fixed 18mm lens with Ilford XP2 Super B&W or find old stocks of Ferrania/3M ISO 1000 Color Film for real 'authentic old school charm without the hectic modern look' for %$#^'s sake.

    Damn funny, that groomsman was great in the video.
  • but...but....but Pinterest is full of these ideas so they must be good ones. I have seen the Onion deliver Pulitzer level journalism in the past and I am confident that they will recover from this egregious reporting. Everything mentioned in this video is what every wedding needs!

    I wish we had the chance to do it again...those paper planes sound like a neat idea :)

  • ErinCErinC Member
    Bahaha! Best thing I've read all week. I couldn't breathe at "Mao Ze Dog".
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