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SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube

TrevTrev Moderator
edited November 2013 in news & discussions
There is a new product in development [kick-start stage] which will be sure to turn heads in the general industries which rely on accurate color profiling.

Called the SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube this device can be paired with your smart phone, or store up to 20 profiles you measure in the device and can also be loaded in Photoshop for accurate color measuring of certain colors if you are say, making a Corporate Logo where it's critical to get the right color.

Taking profiles for paint samples, materials, even measure nature [leaves, etc].

I think it has potential to become big in the Design, Artists, anything where you want to match color.

It is not a monitor calibrating device, just to make that clear, nor would it be practical to use for White Balancing, say during a wedding shoot, but could be used

Bringing real-world color straight into Photoshop
Matching color to paint brands, right there in the app*
Color-grading photographs based on actual color readings
Easy spot checks to ensure color consistency
Helping fashion designers coordinate colorful textiles
Ensuring that digital color assets pop when printed in the real world


It's still in the 'KickStarter' stage but expected to be in production around middle December.

Disclaimer: I have no proprietary, knowledge, association, input or otherwise on this product which is being developed in Melbourne, Australia. I did speak to one of the developers, Paul, after Neil had email contact with them and he gave me the go ahead.
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