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Color Proofing in Aperture 3 for Graphistudio Book printing

andrepereiraandrepereira Member
edited March 2011 in post-processing
I use Apple's Aperture 3 on my MacBook to my digital workflow. I made my first wdeding in February and. Right now I have all the rating and basic processing done. I'm now starting to design the album. I'm going for one of those Graphistudio Books that can be design inside Aperture 3 through the Graphistudio plug-in. I've turned on the "On Screen Proofing" in Aperture 3 and chose a generic CYMK color space and... it is really different. Shall I trust this generic color space or...or I don't know the options. I've tried to contact Graphicstudio, but there is still no answer.
Can you tell me about your own experiences one this issue?


  • ikkoikko Member
    If Graphistudio did Customer Service it would probably be the worst customer service in the world :)

    I use them all the time and their CS is absolutely rubbish, no offence to Italians but it's like they don't care that you spend a lot of money for their books.

    Anyway, rant over, for Graphi you should be in sRGB, and don't even try to do any other way because they will make the book, taker your money and won't check the images. It happened to me on my 1st book, I used some low res images on 2 pages (I know!) but they came out terrible, they is no chance that nobody spotted it along the line but do you think they called me? No. Bastardi!

    They have a good products though. Still with them.
  • Bujardi! EHEH! I've had an answer from them and they said exactly that: I shoud use sRGB. Which I still do not understand.. does their printers print the full sRGB space? Don't think so... so my issue still stands. Nevertheless, I've already uploaded and placed the order... BASTARDI!
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